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Might as well start here....
Sharing some observations with a small group of friends who're still a little busy with things like making a living for them and theirs. I put some news and thoughts about the wider world here, as it affects us more now than ever before. The situation is such that no one (well, One knows but we don't) how it's going to go.

Some of you know who I am, and some will guess. But I'll try to not give too much away. My midnight helicopter visits have been quite regular for months now, and what it means I don't know. When they come for me they will, the worse for at least some of them.

In any case, I awoke to the news that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline had been been damaged, apparently by sabotage.

Given the present situation, my first guess was that (if it was deliberate) it was the work of the U.S. or a NATO a minion, which is the same thing. No other explanation (other than a white supremacist with a truck bomb who can suspend the laws of physics) even comes close. The major pundits in the real world seem to agree.

Why? The globohomo cabal is beginning to realize that it's plans are falling apart. A description of the symptoms is for another time. At this point the Russia-Ukraine conflict is still a major obsession. Again the reasons are complex, but they are determined to succeed, despite the clear indications that they will not. They (led by the U.S.) are attempting to force western Europe/Scandanavia to continue the war to a hoped-for successful conclusion. Cutting the pipeline puts more pressure on the Europeans, that last thing needed as winter begins.

Meanwhile Russia is in the catbird seat, and had no reason to be the perpetrator, as has been suggested by the left. And unfortunately some on the right who are still buying the "Russia bad = Ukraine good" line.

Meanwhile, prepare for winter. Keep an eye on Europe, as they will get the worst first. And watch for positive signs such as the recent Italian election. I suspect there will be more of it, but how it will go, as I said....

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