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Here and there...

Here, the most destructive hurricane in many years hit Florida day before yesterday. Whether it was fifty years or a hundred or more, depending on whom you ask, the damage was as expected. Fortunately for the good people of Florida, the very capable governor and his administration had prepared as much as was humanly possible, and thus far it seems that there are very few fatalities. I used the Wickedpedia link here as it will probably be around for a while. They'll lie about him of course, especially as he becomes president. Something that now seems a near certainty. Whether it's after President Trump is elected for the third time and serves a second term, or begins in 2025, it seems likely that Governor DeSantis will be a president.

Two things to consider: 1) Governor DeSantis was elected in 2018, winning by only about 30,000 votes out of over eight million. There was of course massive fraud, and the democrats managed to make it close enough to recount, but failed this time. His opponent was a perverted drug-addicted criminal (not worthy of mention here) who a year or so later almost died of a drug overdose during a homosexual menage trois, and is now under indictment for over 20 felony counts (the usual democrat stuff - fraud, conspiracy, etc.) but whether he will be convicted is another matter. Florida is returning to sanity, perhaps he will have to pay up. At any rate, this travesty almost became the governor of Florida, which brings us to the second thing 2) Compare to Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans, 2005). Don't bother with the Wickedpedia article, it's a whitewash. Maybe I'll add some links later for those who weren't around. Essentially, New Orleans and the state of Louisiana were governed by a corrupt governor and mayor and pouplated (in the city) by non-producing sponges, and many apparently did not know that their EBT cards would work if they left, or that free housing would be provided wherever they went, so the stayed and became part of the chaotic cesspool that resulted. Afterwards, many did leave (or were transported) to pollute other places like Houston. If the insane pervert had been governor of Florida...

OK, the there part. There being the rest of the world. Mainly, the four Ukrainian regions occupied by Russia have voted to join Russia. The cabal denounced it and threatened more sanctions. An accurate assessment is here. Given that the world is in a transitionary state that is neither understood nor controlled by the ones trying to control it, and that many factors large and small and largely unpredictable, we wait. And prepare.

Here's the text of the quote from MacArthur's Freehold:

"The survival instinct, in most people, overrides logic, reason, and conscience."
said Gordon. He rarely said much in their discussions, leaving most of that to
the younger. When he did, it was usually to contribute something strategic or
philisophical based on his greater life expericence.

"During the second World War, when the Germans were killing Jews in the death
camps - in the gas chambers - they had something called the Sonderkommando. These
were Jews temporarily spared for use as labor. They removed the bodies from the
gas chambers and moving them to the crematoriums. I watched an interview with
one of the survivors - there were very few because after they had been used for
a while they themselves were killed and replaced by new ones.

"This man, who was not very old and the film looked old, so apparently it was not
long after the war, described what happened. He said that among the incoming
prisoners he sometimes recognized people he knew, and would avoid being seen by
them because of his shame, knowing what was being done to them and being part
of it.

"He said he was asked, after the war, by people who knew what he had done, 'why did
you do it? why didn't you refuse? why didn't you resist?'

"Clearly tormented by his guilt, he said when facing death, it is human nature
to do anything, absolutely anything, to live just a little longer.

"Which is true. And a strong survival instinct in individuals is obviously
essential to the survival of the species. Very few people will sacrifice, or
even risk, their lives for principle, even when that principle is essential to
the survival of the species."

"Taken that far," Jessica said, "it would seem that the survival instinct can
become self-defeating, to the point that it reduces the chances of survival."

"Sadly," Gordon said, "it would seem so."

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