Wed 12 Oct 2022 08:03:44 PM CDT

Finally, rain.

Seriously dry for quite a while. Heat has been off for a few days, but still dry. Inch or so I'd guess, go out tomorrow and check the gauge.

Anything happen today?

Usual political stuff. A waiting game. The only thing that worries me a little is that the left may make a final desperate attempt to mitigate their defeat. Obviously the fraud machine will be going full throttle, and attempts to reverse unfavorable results will continue after the election. That is to be expected, and hopefully it can be prevented/corrected to some degree. Even so it looks bad for the enemy. So the possibility of a seriously destructive act, such as a 9/11 event (although on a much smaller scale) or an Oklahoma City affair. The latter would be easier, and they could probably pull it off. As they now stand on the bodies of people killed in their engineered massacres and denounce and blame their political opponents, they must be tempted to do so now. Standing at the smoking ruins of a federal office building and denouncing the "Ultra-MAGA" terrorists, with some "White Supremacist" thrown in, the "news media" parrotting the (likely provided ahead of time) copy, surely is in the twisted minds of some. Our main hope is they are too inept to pull it off, and if they try it can be prevented.

Speaking of conspiracies and other shenanigans, today another massive judgment was handed down by a jury in yet another lawsuit against Alex Jones. Alex is a strange bird, but I'm more put off by his manner than anything else. He is usually right. Just hard to listen to. You know the story. State-engineered "mass shooting incident", this being the Sandy Hook one. One of a batch around that time. Lot of attention.

Alex made a little too much noise I suppose. And they figured it was about time to make an example of someone. He was a pretty good target, even the ones who know he's right find him a little abrasive. And he's already been thoroughly demonized. So they get some of the families of the victims to sue him. No way it would fly in an environment where any respect for the law remains, would be thrown out for any number of reasons. But any time you can manufacture a case out of thin air and send law-abiding citizens to prison for nothing, you can sue a guy like Alex for a billion or so dollars. Which is where the awards are up to by now. With more planned.

Like they'll ever see any money. Alex doesn't have a billion dollars, I'd be surprised if he has a million. As for collecting any of what he does have, good luck. But they got to crow about winning, and justice, all that. And when the cases are finished, a couple of days after that last one is over it might as well not have ever happened. Like the thousands of murders (forget the rapes and robberies, keep it to a manageable number) of citizens by the human debris (and I use 'human' loosely) that has been cultured in massive quantities in the cesspools of the cities. Those make a couple of days of news, when they are reported outside the local area. So the 'victory of justice' over the hapless Alex passes as well. And Alex will remain on the radio and the Internet (some radio stations will drop him, but that's hardly a significant factor) and will annoy them for years to come.

Here's the text of the quote from MacArthur's Freehold:

"Looks like they've got it going." Carter said.

The current video showed a crowd like the night before, only the
dozens were now hundreds. There weren't any fires yet, and the
scene seemed relatively calm.

"It may be a while before the professional agitators arrive,"
Jessica said. "Little Rock isn't a prominent target, like LA and
New York, or even Minneapolis or Portland They'll have to load
up some of the organizers and probably some loads of equipment.
Probably St. Louis will the staging point, so it's a short drive.
If the past is any indicator, they should have it going today,
tomorrow at the latest."

At this point the 'equipment' was a few large signs that looked
like poster board. "Justice for De'Andre" was demanded by a couple
of them, while another demanded that someone "STOP KILLING US!"
Later there would be more signs, professionally made, and carried
by professional participants.

"I'd have to guess they are going to make it a big one." Carter
said. "Little Rock is a little off the beaten path and not very
big, but it looks like no opportunity is being missed. I'm
guessing the local government isn't such that it won't get ugly."

"I wouldn't think so." Jessica said. "It's like St. Louis and
Kansas City, and most other big cities. Essentially, they're on
the side of the rioters."

"Sometimes," Carter said, "it looks like our best chance will be
that when they finally get things broken enough to try to take over,
they will find that they can't control it. That might give us some
breathing room."

"We'll do our best to make that happen," said Jessica, "if it doesn't
happen on its own. Or even if it does, anything we can do to make
it worse. The police forces, most likely augmented by military force,
can be kept busy in the cities, too busy to be grabbing our weapons
and supplies. Or trying to."

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