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Someone wasn't paying attention

That should be self-explanatory, though some probably still won't get it.

Some people either didn't read, didn't comprehend, or just started the usual....

I am not defending Alex Jones. I am not condemning him. He does his thing, and I watch occasionally. I know nothing of his mental state or his motives. I do know, based on historical fact, that he has been right about many things. So is Michael Savage, but his presentation is attractive in radio, but he may not be on now. I haven't heard him lately. I merely pointed out the ridiculous nature of the show trials, conducted to: 1) appease the sheeple and 2) silence Alex Jones. The verdicts would in a sane world be overturned in short order, but we do not live in a sane world. And as I observed, the second objective will also remain unachieved. OK?

The other part, I realized as I began to write, is more related to a post on a couple of other sites that got me accused of all sorts of nastiness.

Here is the point I was making:

Occasionally some people, whether "law enforcement" or private citizen do-dogooders, set out to round up some 'pedophiles' or other child abusers (child porn, etc.) by using dodgy entrapment operations. Now, if there is anything more despicable than a child rapist or a producer/purveyor/consumer of child pornography, I don't know what it is. Yryonyc, given that these behaviors are not far from being "normalized" by our increasingly putrescent society. But I digress, as usual.

I was in all cases pointing out that the most recent mass murder fits the profile of those events that appear periodically, usually in batches (I had predicted this one and suspect there will be more) and are promptly exploited by the left to further their futile dream of disarming the population.

Briefly, the operators in these cases find some mentally disturbed people, ideally young ones (the young white male misfit) who exhibit instability. Easy enough to do, just try it. Troll the innumerable social media venues, check the commentary. Identify some targets. Remember, you're the FBI or whoever (most likely a deep operation inside one of the federal agencies) so you can find out who they are and where they live. The rest is simple: groom them, in a way similar to pedos stalking their prey, keep some of them ready at all times, they when the time is right, trigger them. They're on the ledge, just yell "DO IT!" and one or more will do it. And you got your spectacle. The "news media" does the rest.

So I was completely unsurprised by the aforementioned event, a couple of days after the Nicholas Cruz verdict. I will be even less surprised if there are more in the near future.

Here's the text of the quote from Balance of Power :

"I remember the Ritalin controversy," Jessica said. "I guess we were sheltered, being home-schooled. It seemed like something that happened, almost, in another world."

"Ritalin was long known to be severely damaging," Gordon said, "long after it was no longer being taken. Most drugs of that type cause some type of permanent damage. Especially when combined with others. Prozac and Xanax, and numerous others. That was dangerous enough by itself."

"So these damaged kids, some of them," Darrell said, "went to school and killed people. And you think they were being manipulated? So the incidents could be used to lobby for more anti-gun laws."

"Exactly." Gordon said. "We knew that law enforcement, mostly state but sometimes federal, used entrapment tactics to catch pedophiles and other exploiters of children." Gordon said. "They would have adults posing as underage children, or as parents willing to allow their children to be used. Try to entice a respondent into a meeting where they are arrested and charged with attempted something or other. That might seem like a legitimate activity, but in fact it was only done to advance the careers of those doing it. And it rarely caught an actual criminal because the real predators are too smart to be trapped that way. They get marginal potential offenders who let their curiosity overcome caution.

"This was actually easier. You have young people with mental problems, aggravated by dangerous psychotropic drugs, who are easily pushed over the edge. They made contact with them in chat rooms, typically, and encouraged them to do what they were contemplating. Like telling the guy on the ledge to jump."

"So they were finding people predisposed to commit irrational, violent acts." said Darrell "And encouraging them to do it. It takes a rather twisted sort of person to do that."

Balance of Power (Enak Nomolos)

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