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Coming down to it...

We're about 25 days out. 8 November. Big day. Lot of people think they have an idea of what will happen, but the smart ones are being cagey. I'm one of the smart ones, BTW. All signs indicate a real blowout, from the polls and the news, the general mood, even the dims looking like they're staring down the barrel of a 10-gauge being held by someone with neurological disorder and anger problems.

OK, so in a sane world it would be a combination of Reagan-Carter (or more like Reagan-Mondale)

Obviously the world these days is about as far from sane as one can imagine.

So what I see as the biggest variable is what the dims do. Obviously fraud will be as big and bad as they can manage, but in several key states countermeasures are in place, both with recent laws and court rulings and the intention and ability of the forces of right to implement and enforce them are likely to mitigate those efforts. It may be that with the exception of the obvious lost causes (CA, NY, et al.) fraud could indeed have less effect than in the past. And even places like NY and MI aren't looking good for the enemy.

Besides fraud in the election process either getting dims elected, it could in some places keep them closed enough to get a recount. And if they can managed that, they'll recount until they win.

So I'll likely be nervous for a while after 8 November, unless everything is clearly settled by the next day or two, or the Red Wave is so big that a few stolen races won't greatly affect the final result. I won't like it, but we have to work with what we have.

Of course we first have to get it done. We've been expecting an October Surprise, but thus far the attempts have been as feeble as their minds. And therein lies the danger. As I observed earlier, a truly massive event such as OKC is unlikely. I hope. Some false flag operations by federal agencies are still a possibility. Because the entire regime truly is of below average intelligence, and for the most part demented to some degree as well. So I won't rule that out. It will be a tense few weeks here at MacArthur's Freehold.

Afterwards of course, assuming a desirable result, the hard work remains. Two years of being able to do little more than prevent some of the bad stuff from happening, while needing to ensure similar results in 24. Otherwise it's all pretty much in vain.

Text of the Alex Ironhand quote:

Except for the sheeple, the ones that ain't payin' attention, mostovus think some big stuff happening. What? I dunno, and I suspect a lot of people don't. Includin' the ones that think they makin' it happen.

Talking about all the Russia/Ukraine, U.S. government attacking its citizens, western Europe committing suicide doing what our government is telling them to do, using coercion if necessary. BRICS taking a third of the world off to do their own thing. Lots of smaller places throwing off the chains. And so on...

OK, back to my Baer Creighton impression: Thinkin' it's like dying snake thing. Killed a few snakes in my time. Lot of them I shouldn't have, just people killed snakes back then. Any snake. Even the harmless ones, which was most of'em. Don't do it now of course. Anyway, you see a snake, grab somethin' to kill it. Usually a garden tool, shovel or something. Not very efficient, you wailin' on the serpent and it thrashin' around, don't know whether to bite the shovel or crawl away. Sometimes in the confusion it bite itself. Like the NWO guys, someone done gone and throwed a monkey wrench into the works, stuff breakin' and parts fallin' off. These people ain't the smartest people. Just think they are. Dunno how to fix it. Get it back on track. Ain't gonna. And that's about it.

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