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Coming down to it...

The Armored Saint album "Symbol of Salvation" opens with "Dropping Like Flies", and while I do not know the message (if any) that it was intended to convey, it was the beginning of my enjoyment of their music. I was aware of their existence, but with so much music and so little time, hadn't gotten around to checking them out. Their cameo in the third Hellraiser installment (Hanging Judge) got my attention.

Dropping like flies in this case mainly refers to the vax victims. I don't know if you're a victim if you did it voluntarily, but a great many of them were coerced. In serious ways, primarily by depriving them of a means to live. About a quarter of the population resisted, however, and perhaps the gene pool will be cleaned up a bit, but in exactly the opposite way that the cabal intended. In any case, the numbers of people dropping are beginning, despite the best efforts of the "mainstream media" the truth is getting out. Whether it will do as much to bring the evildoers to justice as it has to affect the election, I have no idea. I like to think that someday a Nuremberg-type reckoningwill occur. And while capital punishment, while richly deserved, is unlikely there would be some measure justice. And the ultimate justice will be dispensed in the next world. In whatever manner the evil ones are dealt with, reparations for the victims and measures to prevent a reoccurrence, for at least a while.

Much depends on the nex two years. Assuming the Dims don't pull off something spectacular, the constitutionalists will be in a good position to at least stop the decay until the next presidential election. Preserving sufficient control in Congress (ideally increasing it) in the next administration will be a challenge. Without party discipline (the new blood allied with the few existing true conservatives already there can do it, but will they?) it will be difficult. A likely result, barring some very dramatic developments, is that there will be a two, perhaps four year reprieve. And then back into decline. But stranger things have happened.

Was discussing this with a friend last night, which means the ethanol infusion was underway. He said while no sane person wants this to be resolved in the manner of the French Revolution (or Russian, or other bloodbaths) it is not difficult to see, given the current crop of Satanic tools striving to do as much destruction as possible, why people in such cases are rounded up and slaugthered wholesale. The rebels see both their destrution as both richly deserved from a moral point of view, and necessary to prevent them from returning to power, or their example being followed by later generations. As was said at the Nuremberg trials, "civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored, because it cannot survive their being repeated."

It is certain that we cannot survive this madness continuing much longer. The problem with violent revolutions is that most of the guilty are disposed of in short order, but with their bloodlust unsatisfied the mobs seek more victims. And so more innocent than guilty perish in the end.

Text of the Mack Bolan quote:

For every action there is a reaction, for every good an evil, for every strength a weakness, and for every injustice there is somewhere a final justice. ~~ Mack Bolan

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