Sun 30 Oct 2022 11:06:23 PM CDT


WTF? is all I can say.

Pillosi's husband gets beat up inside their San Fransicko home. Personally, I kinda like Sodom Francisco, but..

Anyway, by now it's all over the place, and the facts are unlikely to be known, except by the participants. And the cops, who are easily handled.

What did happen? THe prevailing suspicion is that the drunk Paul Pillosi was beaten up by a male prostitute, for whatever reason. Homosexuality and mental stability are mutually exclusive, so they're already off to a bad start. Main thing is the timing. Last thing the Dims needed. The pagans call it karma or something. Higher power at work here, encouraging for us on the side of light.

For those scum, who cares? Don't like the thought of a violent solution, hope it doesn't happen. But if the Pillosis and Schemers of the world marchin' up to the guillotine? No tears here. Not a shred of sympathy. And I'm a guy who, even when Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy were being sent to their reward, felt something in there for the human bein' that was about to have its existence ended.

Of course, the crimes of Gacy and Bundy, and a couple hundred, or a few thousand if you could find them, mass murderers and serial killers pale beside the crimes of the cabalists. Who are at least nominally sane. So there's that.

Was gonna write about something more pleasant. Maybe tomorrow.

Text of the John Brunner quote:

Coincidence: You weren't paying attention to the other half of what was going on. ~~ John Brunner (Stand on Zanzibar - 1968)

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