Sun 30 Oct 2022 11:06:23 PM CDT

Judgment day?

Tomorrow, that is.

Well, certainly the leftists and their cabalist allies will do everything possible to 1) use fraud to prevent defeat in close contests, using recount-until-you-win if possible and 2) litigate wherever possible to overturn losses. The Department of Injustice, along with some state governments, is employing intimidation tactics in states where Republican wins are likely, while preparing ammunition for post-election litigation.

How much success they will have remains to be seen, as the post-election assault will probably go on for quite a while.

I gotta think that moon is creating more angst. Pagans believe in omens, and leftists may be best described as "practical atheists", as they live as if there is no God, whether or not they actively deny Him. Many actually profess to some religious belief or other, but it is purely for show. I suppose they are nihilistic as well. Certainly they cannot believe there is a time after their earthly life in which they can be judged and appropriately. Actually I suspect some of them don't think they'll ever die, like William Saroyan believe that somehow an execption will be made for them. I strongly suspect that Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not expect to die. And since believing that you are different in that respect for every other human being, is obviously insanity, are all leftists and their allies insane? Perhaps not to the point of Saroyan, but to so thououghly evil as they certainly suggests that some amount of mental dysfunction must be present.

Meanwhile, most in this country (a majority but I couldn't say how big, as it is those who do not trouble themselves to look beyond the official "news") of people are unaware of or at least not very conversant with the situation in Brazil. The cabal managed to oust Jair Bolsonaro in a clearly manipulated election. He has urged people to remain calm (didn't do Trump much good, they accused of him of fomenting insurrection anyway), but in the case of Brazil it may not have much effect. There as here, people know what happened and are angry. And in most of Latin America people are more inclined to action than here. Since Brazil is the 'B' in BRICS China may have something to say.

Text of the William Saroyan quote:

Everyone has to die, but I always believed an exception would be made in my case. Now what?

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