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A couple of thoughts from Vox Day

Vox has a couple of interesting thoughts today. If he's added more later in the day it's the ones on 'suicide' and 'the good immigrants'. The latter is something one does seem to be said more often these days, even though it more be more dangerous in this phase of the ongoing transition to do so. Recommend reading Aztec by the late Gary Jennings if you haven't. Raptor and The Journeyer are also worth a look.

As for the former, it made me wonder about something. Not gonna say what, but you'd have to know whe is to wonder.

Well, there's an election happening. How much the dims manage to mitigate their losses through the fraud machinery remaims to be seen. Days or weeks from now.

Text of the MacArthur's Freehold quote:

"The survival instinct, in most people, overrides logic, reason and sometimes even conscience." Gordon said.

He normally did not speak much in these discussions, preferring to let the younger ones lead. When he did, it was usually to contribute something strategic or philosophical based on his greater life experience.

"During the second World War," he said, "when the Germans were killing Jews in the death camps - in the gas chambers - they had something called the Sonderkommandos. These were Jews temporarily spared for use as labor. They removed the bodies from the gas chambers and moved them to the crematoriums.

"I watched an interview with one of the survivors - there were very few because after they had been used for a while they themselves were killed and replaced by new ones.

"This man, who was not very old - the film looked old, so I suppose it was made not long after the war - described what happened. He said that among the incoming prisoners he sometimes recognized people he knew, and would avoid being seen by them because of his shame, knowing what was being done to them and being part of it.

"He said he was asked, after the war, by people who knew what he had done, 'why did you do it? why didn't you refuse? why didn't you resist?' "

"I could see the pain, on his face. Clearly he was tormented by his guilt. He said that when facing death, it is human nature to do anything, absolutely anything, to stay alive just a little longer.

"Which is true. And a strong survival instinct in individuals is obviously essential to the survival of the species. Very few people will sacrifice, or even risk, their lives for principle, even when that principle is essential to survival."

"Taken too far," Jessica said, "it would seem that the survival instinct can become self-defeating, to the point that it reduces the chances for survival."

"Sadly," Gordon said, "it would seem so."

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