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The day after

The quote from Red Dawn seems appropriate in light of our likely future. The starving people, that is. Actually the partisans fighting opressors is also applicable. It might describe a possible future for some U.S. cities in the near future. As others besides me have observed, Enak being one, if there were to be some sort of rebellion, insurection, or whatever word one wishes to use for such events, some scenarios have it looking bad for the sheeple population, almost of which lives in cities. In a couple of Enak's books he describes such a situation. We agree that the U.S. armed forces are no match for the partisan force they would face if something like 'MacArthur's Freehold' happened.

The Chief Vegetable threatened the 20-30 million armed citizens scattered over three million acres with F-15s and nukes, although he had no idea what he read a few minutes later. He was pretty far gone by the time they got him installed. Whoever wrote it is about average for this crowd. High school students, and not very bright ones at that, running the government. Which is what makes the situation more dangerous than ever. They might actually get tired of waiting for their plans to work and go for it, recking naught of the consequences of either their improbable success or of its failure.

Briefly, Enak posits a scenario in which the U.S., in approximately the situation it is now, and about to arrive at the planned conclusion is thwarted by a cabal of good guys, who had been preparing in secrecy for years. A few millionaire members provided much of the funding, while those of lesser means contributed what they could in money and manpower. By the time the strike to take down the regime was necessary they were ready. And as they did not number in the millions, or even one million, they had to be efficient. They softened their target by cutting off most of the cities with a population of over a million - electricity, railroads, highways and wherever possible communications. It was almost trivial - a handful of men taking down a few electrical transmission towers in the middle of nowhere put a city in the dark. Railroads and and highway bridges in remote areas met the same fate, and many smaller population centers were collateral damage. With the meager military resources occupied with civil disturbances there was nothing to use against the rebels even if they could be located.

As described the plan is eminently feasible. And given that a massive well-engineered plan to destroy the Republic has been underway for decades, it is tempting to wonder if something like this might be in the works. Imagine, if you will:

A very wealthy man, a billionaire, charismatic and smart. He sees the danger and decides to act. How does he defeat an operation that is actually a sub-project of the global conspiracy?

The way it was done in MacArthur's Freehold, this man and a group of his peers in the wealth department formed the organization. Now funded, they began recruiting. Family and trusted friends were among the first, and from there sub-organizations were formed. Less wealthy members included businessmen, successful entertainers who were patriotic, some people with inherited wealth, were brought in to provide more funding and assist in organization and recruiting. Further down the food chain were people of modest means who in large numbers could millions of dollars from a small organization. One example used: If you have ten people with a $100,000 in disposable (as in being able to take it to Vegas and blow it in a few days and never miss it - I've known people like that in the small town where I grew up) they you have a million dollars. Just like that. Even with people not at all wealthy, you find a hundred who can part with ten thousand, you have a million. And by the time you get to that stage you have thousands of people, with all kinds of useful knowledge and skills and connections. Remember those 20-30 million preppers?

So as I said, it's absolutely doable. What are the chances someone is doing it? Beats me.

As for what this has to do with the election, it should be obvious. We're getting close to the point at which either the current descent into darkness is arrested and reversed, or we go. And those 20-30 million aren't going to go quietly. Many won't go while they're still breathing, so whoever comes for them will end up going with them. And an army of one million, of which only about twenty percent are actually combat personnel, occupied with controlling food riots and protecting the priviliged denizens of those places....

There are a number of ways that can go. Maybe I'll take a look at it later. Not tonight though.

Text of the Red Dawn quote:

You think you're tough for eating beans every day? There's half a million scarecrows in Denver would give anything for one mouthful of what you got. They've been under siege for about three months. They live on rats and sawdust bread and sometimes on each other. At night the pyres for the dead light up the sky. It's medieval. Colonel Tanner (Red Dawn)

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