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Vox again

Vox referenced this today:

Nothing new there, but a good description of this very inconvenient fact. Interestingly when I tried to share it on Fakebook it said it was spam. Be nice when Elon or someone buys it and cleans it up, or it just goes under.

Enak says we're near the point where it does whatever it's going to do. I'm inclined to agree, and don't know what to make of the mixed omens. I suspect for us (the survivors) it will be good. We have to go through some privation, but we're prepared for it, survival-wise at least. And that's what counts. You can't rebuild if you aren't here.

Text of the Enak Nomolos pic:

The man who dismounted and approached them was shorter than Sam, she guessed about five seven. He had put on a sleeveless T-shirt, as pure white as a new one just removed from its packaging. It contrasted sharply with his bronzed skin. He had wide shoulders and muscular arms, making her think again of construction workers. He wore jeans, moderately faded as if from numerous washings, the knees stained. Moderately worn black roper boots completed the outfit.

He stopped just outside the normal distance one normally would for a conversation. "Long time no see." he said. "Who's your sidekick?"

"This here is Special Agent Martha McElroy." Sam said. "Might want to ask to see her badge, keep things businesslike."

"Usually we shoot first and check IDs later," Alex said with no trace of humor, "but might as well. Ma'am, could I see your credentials?"

She extracted the small wallet and handed it over. He studied it briefly, looked her over and handed it back.

"What brings you out here in Injun country?"

"Injun country?"

"You're a few miles from friendly territory." Alex said. "We may be inside the official lines, but the League is in charge out here. They just don't bother marking the lines. In any case, once you leave the cities you're out of your element anyway. Most of you, anyway. You might get around without getting nailed, but your associate there..."

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