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There are no slow news days...

A slow news day is one when there isn't much in the propaganda feed of the 'news media' so you get something in the 'human interest' or 'strange news' department.

The USA contains about five percent of the world population. And about six percent of the land mass. For many years its impact on world affairs has been far out of porportion to its size, but that is changing fast. The majority of the population remains complacent and mostly ignorant of the changing situation.

Finally approaching economic ruin likely to be accompanied by significant internal upheavals, the 'sheeple' as my friend Enak calls them, graze contentedly unaware. As in the song 'Sheep' by Pink Floyd: Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away, Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air the masses seem headed for the slaughterhouse.

One wonders (I do anyway) if it ends the same way here: Bleating and babbling, we fell on his neck with a scream, Wave upon wave of demented avengers, March cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream

I hope the worst alternative doesn't occur, the line into the slaugterhouse. Is the 'news media' the Judas goat? Perhaps part of it. Politicians and activists professing to be attemptint to save the Republic but through cowardice or avarice (or both) accomplish nothing are as guilty.

So what did happen today? Well, the unrest unleashed by rigged election in Brazil (removing their Trump-like president) continues, almost three weeks later. Brazil is part of BRICS, or BRICSIA+, or whatver it is this week. Getting Bolansaro out was critical to the globalists. Bank accounts of protesters have been frozen, and police are attempting to seize the children of protestors under government orders. I would just observe that people in Latin American countries are not as sheeplike as Americans, and so this might not go the way the cabal expects.

What else? The richest man in the world, who just bought the social media platform Twitter, continues to be in the news a couple of times a day. That's actually filler though, in place of actually important events. Musk is almost as difficult to analyze as Trump, but seems to be neutering Twitter as the propaganda tool it was, for all the effect it actually had. Or maybe he likes to annoy leftists. The most important factor is that he is not joining the cabal, and is disrupting its operations.

Disney, after its disastrous self-destructive binge of wokeness has fired the CEO in charge of the debacle and brought back the previous one. Obviously it's to stop the bleeding, but will he do what needs to be done? In the big picture it doesn't matter. If the country is gone, there's no place for Disney.

The FTX money-laundering operation on behalf of the Democrats is being reported on, but in the domestic media there is nothing more than 'big crypto operation fails' and nothing of the conspiracy.

So the other ninety percent of the world, half of which has already escaped the grasp of the globohomo operators, who notice it but are unable to stop it. But they can ensure that the populations in their remaining empire don't hear much.

Text of the 'Balance of Power' pic:

"You've heard the example of boiling a frog, haven't you?" Gordon asked.

"Yeah." Jessica said. "Slowly. The way we've been taken over."

"There's another example that uses boiling water." Gordon said. "You've seen it, if you fill a pan with water, as if to boil eggs. As the water heats, you can see bubbles form on the bottom of the pan, nearest the heat source. A few, and then more. A lot more, and first one rises to the top. Then another, and more. And then suddenly..."

"The water is boiling."

"Exactly. The regime sees the occasional bubble, even sees them become more frequent. Then the whole thing erupts. And all the while, it never occurs to them to turn off the heat. Until it's too late."

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