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Once again... or twice. Or..

The lefties were all excited when someone shot up an alphabet people nightclub, killing several. I forget how many, you can check here.

Before long it was revealed that the shooter was one of their own. The "news" media couldn't wait to label it a hate crime and scream for gun control. And celebrate the "heroes", two patrons who acted on their self-preservation instincts and subdued the perpetrator. Because, ya'know. Or maybe ya'don't.

As that one deflated, another opportunity arrived. This one went south within twenty-four hours. The perp didn't fit the narrative. Whatever will they do now?

With any luck they'll get one they can use. Even now provocateurs are laboring to produce a suitable candidate, or prepare to push one already groomed over the edge.

As for the bit from Dune, the casual brutality illustrating the utter depravity of Baron Harkonnen (and continued in his nephew-heir) produced the shock effect fifty years ago (not that awful crimes haven't gone on for as long as there have been people) it is not hard to see such behavior coming from the current rulers. Mass arrests and show trials and brutal massacres have been coming from the federal government for a long time, and in the absence of some reversal we can expect the entire country to be under control of a Baron Vladimir Haroknnen. Of course he had an entire planet, and this bunch wants to rule the whold ball we live on.

Text of the 'Dune' pic:

"Sire, what have I done?" Nefud quavered.

"That's unimportant now," the Baron said. "Feyd has beaten the slavemaster at cheops. Did you hear that?"

"Yes... Sire."

"I wish you to take three men and go to the slavemaster," the Baron said. "Garrote the slavemaster. Bring his body to me when you've finished that I may see it was done properly. We cannot have such inept chess players in our employ."

Dune (Frank Herbert - 1965)

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