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Holidays are just regular days when...

you got nothing to do and all day to do it. And people leave you alone. Hard to avoid around the year-end holidays, but I usually manage to be hard to find so I don't get as many invitations. Most of my intimates know my preferences now and it's pretty much OK. A small lunch gathering today with some special ones and I'm done, back in my cave. To ponder the fate of the Republic as if there's anything I (or anyone else, but a lot of the anyone-elses don't seem to accept it) can do about it.

The above was from a conversation on a message board, some fairly smart people hang out there, along with a couple of idiots. Or trolls. Who cares? We ignore them

One humorous comment (OK, it was made by your's truly but I suspect any number of others have said it) is the the LWNJ heads must be getting crowded with Donald Trump and Elon Musk both living in there. Which is pretty much the case. Although someone promptly responded that ' libtard heads are empty anyway so there should be plenty of room'

Elon is in some ways more unnerving than Trump because there's nothing they can do. He isn't running for president, or anything else. His wealth makes him pretty much immune to anything they can try. Sure, the dim machine may investigate him, maybe even make up something to sue him or even prosecute him, but he doesn't have to stick around and put up with it. He can live wherever he wants, and even if they revoke his citizenship he can still wield considerable influence from outside the country. Besides, it would be a lengthy process (look at how long they've been after Trump with no results yet) and I don't believe the country exists in anything close to where it is and the left is trying to make it to, for very much longer. Ten years is about the maximum before some major breakage occurs. However it ends, I suspect that as Ishmael said in MacArthur's Freehold 'you would burn down your country to rule the ashes, but you will be the ashes' or something like that.

Text of the 'Balance of Power' pic:

Government should be afraid of us, and it can't be an empty force of words backed by nothing. That is the only think that puts teeth in the voice of the people... threats of a resurgence of tarring and feathering the rotten crooked bastards.

But that's only the final component... the last call for freedom when there is no other remedy. At this point, we need new ideas, nothing currently in place is working, and the result is toadies and commies like Trevor and Nero. They worship their politicians and beg them for a taste of the power.

These people, as stupid as they are, are very dangerous. And the results are leeching into the fabric of our freedom. The people no longer run this country. We've become subjects.

Balance of Power (Enak Nomolos - 2022)

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