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Looking back

That's from the 1988 Queensryche album Operation Mindcrime. Note the date. 1988 was the last year of the Reagan administration. Aside from the very ignorant (ignorant as in not knowing or understanding) the Reagan administration was the long recovery from the disaster of the Carter administration. Without too much extraneous information, the Reagan administration spent the first several years repairing some of the worst damage (the economy, interntational relations, some domestic issues) and restoring prosperity and peace. President Reagan was able to spend his second term pushing back the darkness (thus far only stopped in its advance) but without the Republican in control of Congress his success was limited. George W. Bush, a milquetoast globalist, squandered all of it and his poor performance allowed a Democrat to win the office, beginning a decline that would be reversed slightly by the son of George Bush, also a tool of the globalists, to essentially maintain a holding pattern for the next eight years, after which the darkness began to close in in a serious way, with only a brief interruption with the Trump administration elected in 2016. That was overthrown in what was likely the beginning of the final slide. Time will tell.

As I observed, the lyricist(s) were referring to the years in which the country was delivered from the danger of an economic collapse, and the disaster that only got well underway in 2008 would have begun that much sooner.

But artists and entertainers, for whatever reason, in the majority embrace the fashionable leftist mindset of the day, and in that view the massive prosperity of the era represented corporate greed and corruption (the corporation claw) and the twisting of the law to suppress dissent. I wonder if, thirty years later, they think about that.

Today the power of the 'corporation claw' is wreaking destruction upon the masses. Did they see Operation Covid, its death and descruction, the deaths of millions of innocents, destruction of the economic prosperity built by President Reagan and preserved, to a lesser degree, by George W. Bush. Clinton and Obama did much damage, but with Trump there was hope of another recovery. That hope is likely gone now. Do the songwriters contemplate the concentration camps, the gulags, the show trials, the assassinations of citizens, that we have today. (the concentration camps at this point have only been built and as far as we know not filled) but the rest is a reality. And the concentration camps are a reality in places like Australia.

Here in our own country, thankfully not yet under central control to that degree, the government/corporation claw destroyed the lives of millions of people, impoverishing them through the loss of jobs and businesses, not to mention the millions killed outright by denial of medical treatment and deliberately exposing tens of thousands of vulnerable people in institutions to a virus that killed only the aged, weak and infirm.

The economic and political reforms of the Reagan administration triggered the victim reflexes of indoctrinated liberals. And they cannot see where their dreams end. The enablers become victims of their creation, like Rubashov and his comrades-in-arms.

The world we live in today is, if not there, very close to Nikki's world. Whether it will go all the way or change direction, taking at least a less destructive course, remains to be seen. The next two years will probably see continued deterioration, despite a small setback for the destroyers . If the elections go the wrong way in 2024, the world of Operation Mindcrime will be tame compared to what follows.

Text of the 'Mindcrime' pic:

Seven years of power
The corporation claw
The rich control the government, the media, the law
To make some kind of difference
Then everyone must know
Eradicate the fascists, revolution will grow

Speak (Operation Mindcrime - Queenryche 1988)

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