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Last one for November


Just kidding. Which generation is it that begins sentences with 'so'? Fortunately whenever I hear it I'm listening to something I wasn't interested in to begin with, so I just cut it off.

Anyway, one of my associates, a long-time friend who is like me a boomer (chronologically, not mentally) were discussing the antics of the regime. We had the misfortune to be watching television, something neither of us does much, and Fox News was on. It's the onlh 'news' that actually is (mostly) news, so I can tolerate it in small pieces. Before it became too much we had endured an appearance by the thing with the weird hair (I suppose it's hair, I wouldn't bet it's an actual person. But would anyone create a robot to be so hideous and act so stupid? I hope not.) In any case, the first segment was of this diversity hire doing the usual listen to a member of the lapdog media ask a preapproved question, look in a notebook for the answer decided on by the same people who approved the question, and reading the answer. Usually, one unvetted question will be permmitted for appearance, resulting in the usual confusion. Make no mistake, this is a genuinely stupid person. How she got through college, even with the usual meaningless majors. She did fail to get into medical school, and for a quota candidate that's pretty bad. However, she is one of two or three special classes (race, sexual deviancy, extremely low IQ) and in a literal idiocracy, I suspect that her selection by the puppet masters was a calculated insult to the normal decent majority of the population. They could have used a garden-variety professional liar like her predecessor, but this regime deliberatly provokes an already dangerous population. So be it.

So that's example number one. Now stay with me on this, as the late H. Ross Perot was wont to say (insulting the intelligence of his audience was well, you had to be there) and I'll tie everything together, as the blathering pseudo-intellectuals blather.

The Current Secretary of the Treasury and one-time head of that monstrosity known as the Federal Reserve. In the past this post has been filled by people who were at least competent at directing it as it performed its role in manipulating the ecomomy (forestalling the eventual collapse of the colossal Ponzi scheme that the past seven or eight decades of governance have been - it can't be done of course, but each generation tries to put if off beyond their lifetime, or at least until they are wealthy and retired in whatever space they envision) and did a reasonably decent job, considering what was required. The one installed by the first Manchurian Candidate only checked one box on the diversity hire checklist, being female. White, but that couldn't be helped. And the objective being having a puppet that didn't publicly drool (no longer required) made it necessary to settle for one.

She really is not much above the intelligence of the current regime mouthpiece, the main improvement being that she can deliver her lines reliably without turning pages in a notebook. Of course, a teleprompter for press conferences isn't very practical. It might work better if she could be trained to use it. Still, she is definitely either at of below the average IQ line. Not a point above. Just not as far below as most minions.

At any rate, Enak asked me what I thought about the current situation, in terms of whether it is a Third Reich situation, or a Russian Revolution, or the Chinese Revolution. I've thought it about a lot, and no clear idea of how it ends emerges. I don't exactly see a Hitler type, although I can see the wreckage he caused happening, and in the same short time. The potential for a Russian-style civil war, or something like it, exists. I see it more as what he described in MacArthur's Freehold or Balance of Power, or some combination. Different players and motivations of course. Same with a Chinese-type event. Our situation is unique.

My biggest obstacle is the nature of the current cabal. The two examples I cited are completely typical of the regime. If there is one creature in that cesspool with an above-average IQ, I haven't seen it. And that is the difference. Hitler was probably insane, and he was not especially intelligent. I have seen him described as Mensa material, but don't buy it. Above average? But not a lot. Many people who aren't that smart manage to seem so, to the right audience. But his henchmen were mostly quite intelligent, and probably the loyalty (self-interest actually) of enough of them made it possible for the war go continue as long as it did.

As for the others, Stalin was very intelligent. I have seen IQ estimates of over 200, probably those of 130-140 are more realistic. As for Mao, I haven't seen any reports on his IQ, but he demonstrated a high level of intelligence. And both he and Stalin kept their empires together and they continued long after their deaths.

The current regime not only has the country in a state of near-collapse economically, with the possibility of complete chaos well beyond its ability to control - with a breakup a likely result - and those holding the reins of power are little better than idiots, it looks bad. Some fairly smart people (with a pretty good track record) believe that one possible, even likely result is a "fascist" strongman in control, with the support of majority of the population. That would be ugly for everyone, but I suspect those causing it would get the worst of it.

Text of the 'Balance of Power' pic:

"In other words, you have nothing." Whittaker said. "What has the FBI been doing for the past twenty years? After Oklahoma City you knew what these people are capable of."

"We've been investigating, Jane." Boling despised the president's chief of staff, as did most of the cabinet. She wasn't especially bright, and whatever he said would go in one ear and out the other. He looked over at General Anthony, who like most of the others was avoiding looking directly at anyone.

"We've got forty-four thousand people, over half of them are field agents. They've been working on domestic terrorism non-stop ever since Oklahoma City, and we're on top of over three hundred cells of suspicious actors. And every tip that comes in is thoroughly investigated, even the crackpots.

"Since the first transmission towers went down and the railroad bridges were blown, we've detained over two hundred fifty suspects..."

"Four weeks." Whittaker said. "And nothing? Even if they're not talking you should be able to trace their movements. Where they've been, what they bought, what's in their computers. You mean you don't have a clue?"

The Homeland Security director broke in.

"We suspect the planning and preparation was done long ago." he said. "Someone was waiting for the right moment to strike."

"There must be a trail, at least of recent movements." Whittaker said.

"These people are by nature secretive." Jordan said. "They're out there in the open country, living in small towns and rural areas. They use burner phones, prepaid debit cards and cash, private mailboxes. They're partly, in many cases mostly, off the grid."

"That should have been dealt with long ago." Whittaker said. "There's no need for anyone to be using cash for anything. And phones and cards that can't be traced, who ever thought that was a good idea?"

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