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The reaction to the management change at Twitter was mostly as I expected. The leftists are raging impotently, or sky-screaming as they say these days. . The leftists with political power are making threats. I suspect those are as impotent as those of their constituency. No doubt the Senate, still in the hands of the enemy, will initiate investigations. No doubt the Injustice Department will seek some avenue of persecution. As the Jan 6 circus demonstrated, they are hopelessly inept and will do little more than (aside from providing mental self-pleasuring stimulation for the same audience. Elon Musk is effectively untouchable for a number of reasons, but the ultimate protection for him personally is his immense wealth. In the worst case (unlikely to the point of negligibility) he can avoid arrest and prosecution by taking refuge in any number of countries and live in comfort and safety indefinitely. Some of his business enterprises under control of the US and other members of the globohomo cabal may suffer, but he has already demonstrated that he is committed to putting principle first. The destruction of the unipolar world (actually the potential for it, as it never was achieved) guarantees that.

But the regime is too stupid and arrogant to let that stop them. The idiocracy is a reality in this country and most of western Europe, along with the country cousins Australia and Canada. And even those may fall if conditions evolve to faciliate it, a very real possibility. So there will no doubt be attacks, the efficacy of which is questionable. Some have compared Musk to John Galt. There are certainl some similarities between the current situation and Atlas, Musk seems rather someone who sees the situation, what he can to to mitigate the destruction, and does it. Removing the Twitter leftist echo chamber alone is not what has the most effect. Allowing free discourse is. The left cannot survive the competition of ideas, it the majority of the population have access to all information.

Most of the revelations of the past couple of days have been pretty much what was already known, but incontrovertible proof. Musk 'brought receipts' as they say. Reportedly there is more to come. I'd be interested to see if any discussions of Epstein were suppressed. In any case, it's a victory of some significance. As is Musk's refusal to be part of the cabal.

In other news, the Vatican Christmas tree is a about hundred feet tall, read somewhere it was hundred-something years old. Sounds about right. Don't know why I mentioned it. I have a friend who pontificates occasionally on matters regarding the RCC, and other such operations. I suppose it might be somewhat less egregions if some good use were made when the tree has served its purpose. Made into lumber to build houses for the poor, something like that. More likely any such use would be for the aggrandizement of the institution. Should I tell the story of the Archbishop of some big city out east, back in the day? While Mother Teresa was extant. Another time I suppose.

I did google "what happens to the vatican Christmas tree after Christmas" but didn't find anything. Apparently not too many people think it's important. (See what I did there?"

Text of the Clayton Lindemuth pic:'s like sometimes you can see the mold behind the next layer of onion. You got to take another layer off to be safe, and for your trouble you got an onion.

Destroyer - Clayton Lindemuth


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