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Looks as if the election in Georgia has gone the way the cabal wanted. The slumlord preacher (as in Al Sharpton-type) who only tries to run over his wife with a car once in a while and hates the Republic almost as much as the excrecable Jeremiah Wright, who really hated said republic, and especially white people will be returned to befoul the once-great United States Senate. Fortunately he won't be contaminating the enviromnent much longer, as even the most evil don't live forever. Buddy of mine confessed to me once he'd pissed on a grave or two, which probably means several, knowing him. He's good guy though, so if he pissed on your grave it deserved it. Because, that's why. Sadly the scumbag will infest the world for many years to come.

In other news from our fantasy world, a show trial in New York was concluded. One or two of Donald Trump's companies was convicted of tax-related crimes. They were after him of course, but were unable to bribe or coerce any "witnesses" to incriminate him. Trump must be the cleanest guy in the world. If they had anything on him we'd have known long ago. They'll get him though, make up whatever they want and have a show trial for him. How that will go is anyone's guess. I can see him refusing to go, leaving the country and staying gone until he's dead or pardoned by a later president, if there ever is another legitimate president. I can see him doing it.

Which could be a case of the regime defeating itself in a major miscalculation. In the event there is a legitimate election, Trump not being a candidate would improve the Republican chances. DeSantis looks a lot like Ronald Reagan, more so as time goes on. It depends on whether the election process really is done for. I'm inclined to suspect it is, but too many other factors to consider. Certainly another Reagan Revolution could forestall the demise of the Republic, perhaps for a couple of decades. But without excising the cancer, the end will come, whether sooner or later.

And let us not forget that Mitch McConnell is, well that speaks for itself. In terms of outright depravity, the RINOs are probably worse than Schemer and Pillosi. They seldom try to hide it much. McConnell insists on trying to pretend.

For the news from the 95% of the world that is not our crumbling Republic, we must turn to other sources. The blogs here at Yronyzed have a lot of good news, updated regularly. The Russian Times is a good one. It simply reports news, and has no agenda beyond providing information.

Thus we learn that yesterday the Brazilian army "executed" some members of an infamous drug cartel which supported the newly installed (via a fraudulent election, like the one here) president. Brazil, like the US, was a crucial target of the globalists (being the B in BRICSIA+) and thus had to be turned. Brazil is one area to keep an eye on.

News from Brazil, China, the Middle East, and other spots for the globohomo cabal might as well not exist for people here who don't go looking for it. And what little is reported (Russia-Ukraine) is heavily curated. I don't have a reliable estimate of the percentage of US citizens that are properly informed. The prepper population is believed to be arount 25-30 million. As that is the number of adults, the total number is much larger. Preppers tend to have large families, and clans of ten or more (parents + children) are common. I suspect that preppers are generally among the informed.

They are concentrated in the south (a map of red states looks remarkably like a map of the Confederacy) and in the mid/northwest. That map looks a lot like the one in "Balance of Power".

Text in the pics:

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

John Stuart Mill

Revolutions are not made by peasants with pitchforks. They are made by the intelligentsia (or what passes for it) and those of the social classes with an economic or political interest, or both. Sometimes aided by external forces. After the revolt is underway and opportunities for looting and revenge (not necessarily upon the rulers) are presented the peasants will join in. They are useful for propaganda, and sometimes as shock troops, but not much else.

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