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Just the usual insanity

Watching the state-run media simultaneously seething and officially ignoring the exposure of the biggest psyop operation in history is amusing. The impact remains to be seen. The regime is uttering threats, but what can they do? Musk is not open to the usual avenues of attack. Going after his businesses has already proven problematical (Starlink/Ukraine) and prosecuting him is impractical. Unlike Donald Trump, who must remain in the country if he wishes to run for president, Musk can live in any number of extradition-proof locales and still control most of his assets. He's also about ten times as smart as the minions of the regime, and will always be three or four steps ahead.

In other news, taking advantage of the opportunity to further alienate the decent part of the population through yet another childish insult, they accepted the offer by Russia to trade a prisoner for an arms trafficker for whom they have some affection but was inconveniently in prison in the US. The Russians had a couple of items, but were willing to trade just one. One is a former US Marine who made the mistake of visiting Russia. The Russians grabbed him on a pretext (what looks like a setup for the purpose of acquiring a prisoner for later use) and now has him in prison. The other is a homosexual basketball player in the women's national basketball league (subsidized by the original nba) who was caught carrying drugs while entering Russia.

Thus the regime had the opportunity to free a military veteran or a homosexual female basketball player no one outside the women's nba ever heard of until she got pinched in Russia, but for the depraved rulers of our former Republic would not waste an opportunity to further enrage the good and decent majority of the population. While trivial in the big picture, this is the kind of thing that will, in the tumescence of time, the piper has to be paid there will be not even the slightest pang of guilt as we watch the lines to the guillotines. Figuratively speaking of course.

Some of us with longer memories compared it to the case of the scumbag soldier who deserted, causing the deaths of six of fellow soldiers, and defected to the Taliban. Ovomit traded five Taliban commanders who promptly returned to their former activities. Certainly a similar situation, insulting and injuring the Republic he hates so much.

Text in the pics:

"Where are we going?"

"Idaho" he said. "Lots of prepper enclaves, among other things, up there. They're sending a plane to pick me up at Springfield. I figure the drive back home from the airport will be as safe as anything."

"You've already decided to bring them back here?"

"Who'd think to look here?"

"But why here anyway" I asked.

"They don't want them there after he's gone. They don't believe anyone knows, but when word gets out he's no longer living - if anyone does know they might come looking. If these were exposed publicly, proven genuine, it could be as big as Kennedy, TWA 800, 9-11, you name it. The difference is that this is incontrovertible fact. There are people who will stop at nothing to prevent exposure."

"Where are you planning to hide them?"

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