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This could be fun...

...in an Epsteinish way. The perpetrator of the massive ponzi scheme engineered in large part to finance the 2022 campaign election manipulation has been arrested in the Bahamas, to which locale he fled when it collapsed shortly after the election. The operators (Bankman obviously is only a combination frontman and fall guy) apparently did not plan for it to happen quite so soon, as he had promised a billion dollars (up from the several hundred million spent on this one) for 2024. This time he was second only to that entity so evil one fear to utter or even type its name.

I judge his inability to have done it alone or even to have been more than a public face, intended to pose as the fashionably eccentric genius like the villian of the Theronas scam (that one worked reasonably well for a while, some people profited and the gullible lost) from the fact that he is obviously both possessed of mediocre intelligence and mentally unstable.

What he was expecting is probably not worth considering. Perhaps getting out of the country with at least a few million of his ill-gotten loot was enough. The fact that he couldn't see what is likely to happen now confirms that he is not very smart.

Or maybe he is as delusional as all lefties, whether operators or tools. One would think that Epstein would have had the sense to not return to the U.S., but he did. But he appears to have been more a tool than an operator. A valuable tool (whose value probably outlives his death, if the right people have control of his trove of compromising material) who perhaps believed he was too valuable to kill off. Certainly he was neither as low-intelligence or as crazy as Bankman, but he wasn't as smart as he thought he was.

For the time being, the regime is attempting to mitigate damage by initiating extradition proceedings (a fair amount of delay at least, if not eventually keeping him unavailabl) and having a congressional hearing and having the Department of Injustice file some charges to allow it to cool down over the next two or three days. So it vanishes into the black hole where the regime puts all inconvenient items.

Text in the pics:

"Where are we going?"

"Idaho" he said. "Lots of prepper enclaves, among other things, up there. They're sending a plane to pick me up at Springfield. I figure the drive back home from the airport will be as safe as anything."

"You've already decided to bring them back here?"

"Who'd think to look here?"

"But why here anyway" I asked.

"They don't want them there after he's gone. They don't believe anyone knows, but when word gets out he's no longer living - if anyone does know they might come looking. If these were exposed publicly, proven genuine, it could be as big as Kennedy, TWA 800, 9-11, you name it. The difference is that this is incontrovertible fact. There are people who will stop at nothing to prevent exposure."

"Where are you planning to hide them?"

Balance of Power (Enak Nomolos)

Finally, they could take your live with false vaccines -- and unlike the Nazis in 1944, get the private sector to dispose of the corpses.

James Howard Kunstler ~~ 2 December 2022

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