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Random thoughts from the holding pattern

We seem to be in a holding pattern these days. The aircraft is low on fuel and conditions aren't improving on the ground. When is the decision to divert made? Or has it already been decided by circumstances beyond the control of anyone on the ground? Even though those on the ground may not yet know it. Calculations are being made and discussed, communications with other airports are ongoing. I don't know if passengers are ever advised of danger, other than a hard landing or something similar. Telling them the aircraft is about to crash is unlikely. But such is the situation in which we find ourselves.

The January 6 fishing expedition ended with the predictable result, the issuance of a "criminal referral", i.e. please prosecute this person or these persons. Given that criminal prosecutions of President Trump are ongoing in New York, with the outcome (prosecution and a show trial ending in conviction) predetermined, the fustian antics of the attorney general could lead anywhere. He has already appointed an "independent counsel" to bring federal charges on top of everything else, so something similar is likely. The cabal controlling the government at this point is also in a holding pattern. Will Trump succeed, or begin early in the primaries, to seem likely to succeed in securing the nomination? That seems to be the trigger, as they fear that a premature indictment would increase support and guarantee the nomination. As much as they would like to have him convicted of some crime or other beforehand, time may not allow that. The most fanatical want him in prison no matter what the consequences, but at this point fear, uncertainty and doubt make decisive action difficult. The entire Trump situation has so many variables time does not allow for their analysis here. Perhaps I'll put up one of Enak's probability trees if things remain slow for a few days. But as I said, these things are decided at a higher pay grade. Preparation for what may come while those decisions are being enacted is the best way to spend time and resources.

Perusing news from the other 95% of the world, we find that yet another very small fish from the dark period of World War II has been reeled in and filleted, as much as one can wish to fillet a mosquitofish. Recently a malefactor was tried and convicted at the age of 100. He was 101 when convicted and sentenced to prison. Exiting the courthouse in a wheel chair after being sentenced to five years in prison, those of us watching (and thinking about things of any consequence) would have our own opinions about the utility of such actions when the guilty have evaded retribution for many years, and their final reward is not far off.

My main thought is of what should be done in the event that a reset of the U.S.A. occurs, and not the kind of reset that is planned and being pursued by the current regime. Many in my camp indicate that they would cheerfully support a Nuremberg 2.0, and while I believe that the perpetrators of all the abuses (political corruption, the plandemic, past crimes committed both by federal "law enforcement" agencies, etc.) should be brought to justice and retribution applied, as the German prosecutions show, some very small fish may be fished for. How small is the question.

As is the amount and type of retribution. Personally, I would begin with the death penalty off the table. Death comes to us all, and after that the ultimate and completely just retribution wil be delivered. How then is a suitable lesson taught?

Unless the lesson is applied regularly, it will be lost after the first or maybe second generation. In our case, the malefactors should be removed from society, permanently if the crimes warrant, through imprisonment without the possibility of mitigation. Criminals at the level of Fauci and Biden should never breathe free air again should they live long enough to receive their punishment. There are enough younger ones in the regime to set a suitable example. For those who escape some or all of physical punishment, financial impoverishment is a necessity. Only the most insignificant criminals experience this, such as the Theranos masterminds (who got off easy) and if he lives long enough, Bankman-Fried.

Text in the pics:

I'm tired of yammering but I got to take a shot at making them understand. All around us is dead men. Look at the lantern glow up in the trees makes this whole place a cathedral. You got the circle there like an altar. These men come to the last service at the church of death, and they was struck down by the oldest law. An eye for an eye."

My Brother's Destroyer (Clayton Lindemuth - 2013)

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