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One more day

Little in domestic 'news' this final day of the year. Some of the international media remains focused, and the Russia Times always some interesting analysis, delivering this observation today. I didn't notice even the one marginally aware U.S. outlet reporting on the rapid exit of Jair Bolsonaro from Brazil. I would suggest that while getting out of there fast was a smart move, he should not regard the U.S. as a safe haven. It is nothing of the kind, and if the new regime attempts to have him returned for imprisonment or death, our own corrupt government will do it without even the usual extradition proceedings. And he apparently fears that his enemies will continue to pursue him. As with Donald Trump it is not enough to remove him. They must destroy him. He is also smart enough go know all this, so preparations for a more secure refuge are probably being made.

In any case he did the right thing by not staying around for the "transition" ceremony, not dignifying it with his presence. Our own politicians who "lose" an election that was clearly and undeniably fraudulent should not concede. Simply refuse to have any further association with the corrupt process. But Americans can't seem to do that. They must understand that the enemy hates them and desires their destruction, yet they continue to play the game. I wish Bolansaro well in his further endeavors and above all, peace and safety.

What the people (and the army) do is still open to question. Latin Americans are not as sheeplike as Americans and Europeans. So an uprising that topples the puppet regime, or a correction by the armed forces, or a combination is not not only possible but likely. And as the people of those countries are less sheep-like than we, they are also less inclined to suffer fools gladly. Or even grudgingly at times.

The arrest of a suspect in the recent Idaho murders intrigued me mainly because of a statement allegedly made by the suspect, some to the effect "has anyone else been arrested" or "am I the only one", but at this point there is no official confirmation of that. What I initially found interesting was that he was working towards a PhD in criminal justice, having already acquired a degree in psychology. I thought of the Leopold-Loeb case, of two young men of apparently well above average intelligence decided that they were superior to other humans to the degree that they should be able to commit a horrible crime with impunity, and in any case would not be caught because of their superiority. The crime was so ineptly executed that they were quickly caught.

Hence the above quotation. Was someone else involved, and was the crime committed solely to satisfy a desire by the perpetrator(s) to see if they could commit a perfect crime? The perfect crime is, I would suppose, the one that is never detected.

The other thought I have is that people who are solidly credentialed as being well above average, indeed the "best and brightest", can fail miserably at attempting to be above the supreme law of the universe. How much more miserably will the current crop of petty tyrants, few if any who have even average intelligence, fail in their schemes? We may not be far from finding out.

At any rate, the vultures circling for the past few weeks are landing, ready to plunge their ugly beaks into the latest opportunity for notoriety, money, or more likely both.

Text in the pics:

Teddy Lewis: Hey now, I want to ask you something. Are you listening to me, asshole? Because, I like you. I got a serious question for you: What the fuck are you doing? This is not shit for you to be messin' with. Are you ready to hear something? I want you to see if this sounds familiar: any time you try a decent crime, you got fifty ways you're gonna fuck up. If you think of twenty-five of them, then you're a genius - and you ain't no genius. You remember who told me that?

Body Heat (1981) William Hurt, Kathleen Turner

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