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New year underway

Funny from the Fox News website. Fox is one of the few, perhaps the only mainstream "news" site that allows comments. Most of it is the usual, but a few stand out. The article was about the most recent disappearance of a North Korean government official.

President Trump seems destined to be a non-factor in the 2024 election. He appears to be acting solely on the advice of (very bad) advisors instead of his own instincts. Erratic as they could be at times, he did himself less damage than his consultants are doing. Of course it is quite likely that more than one of them is taking money from the cabal to torpedo his efforts, just in case legal persecution and propaganda campaigns fail. Perhaps the last resort will not be necessary. It is possible that his sons could persuade him to get his act together, but it is probably too late. Even if he does run as a third-party candidate after losing in the primaries he will not be the cause of the Republicans' losing. Many other variables materializing this year and next will determine the outcome.

Enak reminded me that the year isn't actually underway, today being the day off for the holiday on Sunday. So the insanity gets going good tomorrow.

The cabal carried out another propaganda operation yesterday of day before. Guy being monitored by the FBI was allowed (encouraged?) to travel from Maine to Manhattan to attack some cops with a bolo machete or something similar. A very caucasian convert to Islam, looks good but only the sheepiest sheeple are buying it. Wouldn't be surprised if they supplied the "weapon".

Some people reputed to know about such things say gas may be back at $4 this year. Not surprising, the CLAM machine, as Jeff Cooper called it, seems confident they have elections under control from here on. They may be right, despite the loss of Twitter. Conceivably some other wealthy person (Elon Musk can't do it - the regulators would stop it cold) could buy one of the leftist propaganda media operations (MSLSD or the Commie News Network)

Listening to a rerun of Clay and Buck, from some weeks ago apparently. In one of the segments the remark was made that the suggestion of sending A-10s to Ukraine had been made. I served on the first European A-10 base in 1979 or so, and in those days it was pretty exciting. The idea was to blunt the massive superiority of the Soviet Union in armor. We believed then that the possibility of a Russian invasion of western Europe existed. We were in the U.K. (RAF Bentwaters, 1978-1982 and that is one of many stories illustrative of the foolishness of the U.S./NATO/EU would-be hegemony) and had forward operating locations in Germany. The invasion never came of course. Ronald Reagan came and for a time the threat was mitigated, only to be revived once Reagan was gone and the neocons back in control. Trump was regarded with some hope as a possible second coming or Reagan, but it was too little too late.

But the A-10 comment reminded me again of the blindness of even the nominally sane constitutionalist sector. Just over 700 were produced and of those less than 300 remain in service. Just as the army, depleted to not much over a million (only 20% combat personnel) is useless in the event of another major war, or even a mass domestic insurrection by a few of million of the 25-30 million who will not go quietly if the left actually tries to crush the opposition all at once. I worked on such a scenario with Enak and some of the guys some months back, I may try to distill it into a more concise form.

Text in the pics:

NORTH KOREA Published January 2. 2023 9 16am EST

Kim Jong Un fires North Korea's top military official

Pak Jong Chon was missing from official photos at a key meeting with Kim Jong Un

Anders Hagstrom Fox News

Hyun-Ki: Anybody seen Pak?

Dong-Sun: Nah man, he dead.

Hyun-Ki: Dead? When'd he die?

Dong-Sun: Tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest.

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marko66 2 minutes ago

I'm guessing that guy was/will face a firing squad of anti-aircraft fire like Chubby likes to do.

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