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...on autopilot it seems. Perhaps the aircraft is low on fuel and alternate landing sites are too far away. It certainly seems that way at times. The only comfort, and no other is really needed, is that the decision will be made by the highest authority and will be carried out with absolute certainty. We also know that it will be the best solution for the right people. The others (the ones causing all the trouble) will be in for a surprise, but that is their problem.

A couple of (on the surface) troubling observations today illustrate. First we have Victor Davis Hanson's commentary, as always concise perfection. Here it is. He doesn't go back to one of the earliest coups (Kennedy was even earlier, but we're talking political coups here) but he is a little older than me and much more of a historian and thus familiar with the matter. Essentially he discusses the deterioration of the past two decades or so, mainly in the areas of corruption of the justice system, the corrosive effect of the alien invasion, and the recent success of an iron-fisted control of the population by the government-corporate complex.

Next we have an equally clear and concise discussion of the likely scenario for the next two years. Essentially, the decline precipitated by the installation of the cabalist regime (with two years remaining as the minor setback in the loss of one house of Congress is about 90% irrelevant) will continue. The minor recovery (in terms of easing of supply deficiencies, and that temporary) from the plandemic will shortly be erased and, depending on the severity of winter, may cause things to become very ugly in some parts of the country. There is scant sympathy here, as we already view ourselves as no longer a part of the whole. If the lights go off in the cities and hundreds of thousands of people who have been bred for generations to be helpless parasites react as such organisms would be expected to, it is hardly our problem. Our only concerns are preventing the madness from spreading into our area. Not that people who can't shelter and feed themselves can travel far from where they are bred and conditioned to live.

What our own masters almost certainly do not realize is that the future is not in their control. The Cloward-Piven operators may (very likely will) achieve their goal of "breaking the system", but the result they expect is as unlikely as the probability of breakage is. As my friend observed in "MacArthur's Freehold" - 'you would burn down your country to rule the ashes, but you will be the ashes'. Many have observed that "revolutions invariably eat their own children" - actually they as often eat their founders.

The Dunning-Kruger effect", while we're invoking fancy terminology from the smart people.

Text in the pics:

"The survival instinct, in most people, overrides logic, reason and sometimes even conscience." Gordon said. He normally did not speak much in these discussions, preferring to let the younger ones lead. When he did, it was usually to contribute something strategic or philosophical based on his greater life experience.

"During the second World War," he said, "when the Germans were killing Jews in the death camps - in the gas chambers - they had something called the Sonderkommandos. These were Jews temporarily spared for use as labor. They removed the bodies from the gas chambers and moved them to the crematoriums. I watched an interview with one of the survivors - there were very few because after they had been used for a while they themselves were killed and replaced by new ones.

"This man, who was not very old - the film looked old, so I suppose it was made not long after the war - described what happened. He said that among the incoming prisoners he sometimes recognized people he knew, and would avoid being seen by them because of his shame, knowing what was being done to them and being part of it.

"He said he was asked, after the war, by people who knew what he had done, 'why did you do it? why didn't you refuse? why didn't you resist?'

"I could see the pain, on his face. Clearly he was tormented by his guilt. He said that when facing death, it is human nature to do anything, absolutely anything, to stay alive just a little longer.

"Which is true. And a strong survival instinct in individuals is obviously essential to the survival of the species. Very few people will sacrifice, or even risk, their lives for principle, even when that principle is essential to survival."

"Taken too far," Jessica said, "it would seem that the survival instinct can become self-defeating, to the point that it reduces the chances for survival."

"Sadly," Gordon said, "it would seem so."

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