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Saturday evening ruminations

Vox Day had an interesting and as always dead-bang observation:

A famous person was seen in public slapping his wife:

White, who is UFC president, was captured on video slapping his wife during a New Year's Eve party on vacation in Mexico. TMZ released a clip of the incident Monday, and it shows White's wife, Anne White, slapping him across the face and Dana quickly responding by slapping his wife in the face.

Wait, what? The guy was attacked by his wife, he defended himself by responding in kind without escalating the situation, and therefore he 'should be held accountable'. For what, precisely?

And shouldn't Anne White be held accountable for initiating the use of violence as well as her physical abuse of her husband?

That question is of course never asked by the ones who demand "accountability". It isn't even a matter of hypocrisy, it's the assumption that the peasants must accept the assertion the elite knows to be false.

The question of the effect of the bio-psycho attack on the world (but especially the North American/European populations) with the plandemic remains to be seen. The deaths continue to mount and it seems that the rate may be increasing, whether or not that was the plan. The more important aspect is, I suspect, the reaction of the flock. Will there be an awakening? If there is the only question is the form it takes. If there is a virtual holocaust, the nescience of the sheep may be broken sufficiently for them to see the wolves surrounding the flock and at least offer some form of resistance, even if it is only in the form of evasion and hiding. But it will be difficult to break through the near-total blanket of disinformation/suppression.

As I write this, the matter of the selection of the Speaker of the House of Representatives appears to be nearing its conclusion. While this is occurring (and should be over soon) the Jan 6 dog and pony show is passing mostly unnoticed due to the inability of the state-run media to deal with the unexpected. It was a mixed blessing, as the performance demonstrated the abject intellectual depravity of the enemy. The pathetic display, Biden reading the script of lies put in front of him and the media mouthpieces (whose mental capacity is little better than that of Biden's rotted brain) reading their scripts. It is doubtful, however, that the sheeple would have been affected either way. A positive result is that when McCarthy is installed (probably within 48 hours of the end of 6 January) he will be on notice that he does not have the control that McConnell has in the Senate.

As for the effects of Operation Covid, the end result is hard to predict. The sudden deaths are escalating, and at this rate will soon be impossible to ignore. Whether this is an unexpected result is hard to say. It would seem that the desired result may have been to simply reduce life expectancy (already achieved, intentionally or not) over a period of times. Individual lives are irrelevant to the planners, and this may have been the plan, or a plan. This does remind me of a concept discussed in one of the Ringworld novels, I forget now which one. But man does not control nature. (Niven described a fair number of sociological developments likely to occur in a society at our stage and beyond. The lottery scheme (devised to selectively breed people to be lucky) was interesting. The kind of selective breeding that has been going on for several generations is intended to populate the earth with the people least capable - and deserving - of survival)

On the subject of the Jan 6 committee's assault on the Republic, as a final act of malice after losing control of the House, this supremely evil cabal 'leaked' the Social Security numbers of about 2,000 prominent Republicans (governors, officials in the Trump administration) immediately causing them to become victins of harassment and attempted fraud and incurring financial burdens many of them (being honest citizens instead of career politicians) can ill afford. If there is any remaining doubt in any mind as to the abject wretchedness of of the left that mind is worse than useless. During the festivities the mother of murder victim Ashli Babbitt was arrested by the Capitol Police (her killers) for "jaywalking". This poor woman has a target on her back and it is to be hoped that she has someone to care for her and keep her safe. As the Stalinst Communists did, this regime will torment the innocent family and friends of their targets, even after the original object of their hatred is dead. A final note: Aslhi Babbitt is often mentioned as the only person killed by the state on 6 January 2021. A second one has gone largely unnoticed: Roseanne Boyland was beaten unconscious by Capitol Police personnel and the assault continued as she lay on the ground until she was dead.

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