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Checking in

What happened today? Anything important? Well, let's take a look.

Vox Day had a comment about the Brazil situation. I probably noted elsewhere that the situation there is quite unlikely to proceed as did the 2020 election here. Populations of Latin American countries are not as sheeplike as those here (and in Canada and Australia) and there could be problems. The regime here reacted predictably, with the puppet reading his lines about as badly as usual.

I don't know enough about the situation on the ground in Brazil to speculate. The new regime has to rely on the law enforcement and military forces to contain an actual insurrection, and in Brazil (as in most places in Latin America) an actual insurrection (as opposed to the fakesurrection here) is much more likely and since any such insurrection now would be against cabal-installed puppet. If as seems likely the Army takes the side of the rebels, the regime will likely fall quickly.

China is hedging its bets, sending a delegation to meet with the new government. As easily bought as such governments are, they should at be able to achieve some damage control.

In other news, classified government material was found in an office used by the current regime figurehead for the past few years. The motivation in revealing it is unclear. Unless the information was somehow leaked, it could have easily been concealed. The possibities are numerous, an internal attack (to remove Biden as a candidate) or an actual leak (or a whistleblower) made a coverup impossible, necessitating a whitewash by the "justice department".

The general incompetence of this regime (which may be our only chance of survival) makes almost all of its actions difficult to analyze. Certainly there are ambitious actors who will use any opportunity to advance their personal fortunes, and since all are the lowest forms of human life no possibility, no matter how (to the logical and sane mind) improbably, can be dismissed out of hand.

In a couple of days we commemorate the date of the great El Rushbo. I routinely forget that his birthday is just a few days before mine. Rush often said that what many people suspect are conspiracies are actually different actors seeking the same result for their own reasons, and need not necessarily be working in concert. The plandemic is a prime example.

Text in the pics:

When the truth comes out, don't ask me how I knew. Ask yourself why you didn't.

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