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Another day or two of lunacy

My friend Quiescent says "Human Harvest" is about six months from complete, hopefully to be released on Kindle before year-end. "In the Belly of the Beast" is a factual account that inspired the latter work.

The mindless incoherent thrashing of the various parts of the machine continues. Whatever the trigger (leak, conscience, a mole) the matter of the classified material at the residences and offices of the regime figurehead continues. The coverup is underway and will no doubt succeed in its main objective - prevention of a Republican president in 2024. Biden has been dismissed as a viable 2024 candidate and whatever measures are necessary bill be employed to either a) arrange for a sufficiently damaged Trump to be nominated or b) ensure that he does not run, by any means necessary.

The domestic news is dominated by those events and probably will be for another two or three. Thus little else of consequence, to the degree that news of consequence is reported, beyond the continuing (and likely accelerating - naturally statistical analysis is hard to find) deaths of young quackzine recipients. I suspect that at some point it will become impossible to ignore, how it will be dealt with remains to be seen.

Probably the effects of a bad winter or even an average one on some areas of the country will be known later this month and in February. Not that it will have a healing effect on the diseased minds of the left.

Gas prices continue the rise that began after the election, and now the slaughter of over 50 million chickens (actual number probably about three times the reported) due most recent "bird flu" pandemic hoax has had the predictable (to a sane person) effect on egg prices. And availability in some places. I live in a part of the country where the madness has not permeated so deeply, and all things edible are readily available, if not in the stores at the farmers markets and other local sources. Not much sympathy here for the people who haven't either fixed their problems or escaped them. Some unfortunates are trapped there to be sure, let their blood be on the heads of those who are responsible. In the fullness of time it will be.

Had some discussions with a couple of friends who think pretty much the way I do, about serious revolutionary changes and how the bulk of the population reacts. Naturally the 'big ones' such as the French and Russian got considerable attention because of their size and scope. The matter of the mobs cheering the mass executions by guillotine of course was a subject. Enak said something interesting, as he usually does. "Revolutions are not made by peasants with pitchforks," he said. "The middle class, some of the lower upper class - communist agitators are often upper and upper middle class - along with the intelligentsia or what passes for it - get it started. Once the fires are burning and blood flowing, and there is opportunity for looting or revenge (upon enemies real or imagined) the peasants grab their pitchforks and join the fun."

Pretty much, I'd say. Our own travails are the fruits of do-dogooders with more education than intelligence and largely devoid of natural human morality (replaced by what they have been taught is morality and rightness) and seek to imposed their newfound truth and virtue on the masses. I suppose if I saw today's crop marching to the blade I certainly would have no sympathy for them. I deplore capital punishment (more due to the inability of the state to prevent the killing of innocent persons than anything else) but it would be difficult to summon any feelings of remorse for those who have already literally killed so many, preening in their self-righteousness all the while.

As for mobs at guillotines, I would expect that they would mostly the millions of the working-class people who after years of having more than half the fruits of their labor confiscated to fund the increasingly oppressive government only to have it attempt to strip the last vestiges of dignity and self-respect from them by forcing a Sodom-and-Gomorrah regime upon them, condeming their children to that hellish existence. Those people are angry now, but encumbered by survival needs. If a societal breakdown makes even that desperate situation worse, these ordinary people might well stand along roads cheering the loads of malefactors going to a well deserved fate.

Text in the pics:

"I don't know if I'm ready for everything that looks to be coming down." Alex said. "This whole thing with the world going nuts, the country being run by crazy people. Or more like stupid people. How'd that happen?"

"If I knew I'd consider myself pretty smart. When we used to talk about it, you said the same thing. But I think at the root if it, it's greed."

"What's that," Alex said, "about the root of evil?"

"The love of money is the root of all evil. Saint Paul."

"Yeah, I remember now." Alex said. "Saint Paul. You a Catholic?"

"I was raised one. It didn't work for me. It's been perverted, corrupted, like everything. Like the Constitution. It was a simple concise plan. People starting changing it as soon as it was adopted. Taking out what they didn't like, adding things that weren't meant to be there. Like the government. And for the same reasons I suppose."

"Love of money?"

"Right," Jessica said, "and most people don't get that. There's nothing wrong with money. But when people lust for it, so they can't control themselves... I don't know. I... I see people losing their humanity really, when it becomes an obsession."

"Are we all human to start with?" Alex asked. "Or are some people born corrupt?"

"I don't know. I like to think that we all have a chance to be good. Or at least not be evil. But I don't know. Maybe... maybe some things are, actually I know they must be, decided at a higher level."

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