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What comes after...

Commented on this back in October, at which time it was already 'trending' as they say, in the real world. One might say it is about to become somewhat ridiculous. The accounts of prominent persons (an Air Force Academy football player, professional athletes, celebrities major and minor) are now a daily occurrence, and the unknowns would seem to be considerably more numerous.

The recent death of Lisa Marie Presley (daughter of Elvis) was interesting as the conversation immediately turned to discussion of whether she was vaxxed. It does seem that a little less than a year ago she made a statement to the effect that she did, and recommended that others to so. The problem is that the revelations were immediately attacked by minions of The Cabal, with sources being scrubbed as expeditiously as possible. Even evidence in the form of screenshots of social media posts are dismissed as fakes. Given that her life was typical of celebutards who die young, it's a difficult call. But not important, as the evidence mounts. Where it ends is anyone's guess.

The new Republican-controlled House seems prepared to do what it can, but it is limited. With enforcement still in the hands of the executive branch and the state-run media throttling dissemination it is likely the effect will most likely be rather mild. Actual reform depends on conservative control of the presidency and both houses of Congress, and whether that happens is also anyone's guess.

The matter of the classified material scattered around by Joetato seems rather bizarre. It would seem to not be the result of any coherent plan, but reactionary to something. To what? A decision by some in the regime to remove Biden from the 2024 race? Clumsy coverup? Conflicting agendas in the enemy camp? Hard to say.

Text in the pics:

"Wonder how long they'll wait now," Ethan said. "We seem to have gotten ourselves surrounded."

"Yep," Tyler replied. "Guess they'll get the nerve before long. Got a preferred method of departure?"

"I imagine they'll have a suggestion," replied Ethan. "What say you, Harry?"

Robert 'Harry' Harrison took out a package of cigarillos and offered them. Tyler and Ethan each took one and lit them as Harry lit one of his own. He took his communicator out and opened it. Like an oversized folding phone, it was their only link to possible help. Possible, if one of their relays was overhead and in range.

"Doesn't look good," he replied. "Don't figure on going with them peaceably. Wonder how many we got so far."

"Least a half dozen in each of the APCs," Tyler replied. "A handful of deaders layin' out there. Maybe some are playing, to be safe. But we're ahead, and I figure on runnin' up the score before they get us."

Harry tapped and swiped the screen of the communicator.

"Well," Ethan said, "we rang the bell. Unless Harry has one more miracle left, we'll give it another whack."

The communicator buzzed.

"Yo Angel,' Harry said. "About time you got here. How's your fuel?"

A female voice replied.

"Twenty minutes tops."

"Ysabelon," Tyler said. "She's on loan from Mantis section."

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