Thu 19 Jan 2023 11:04:14 AM CST

Odds and sods

A derelict LWNJ took a shot at a cop in Atlanta and the cops returned fire, with predictable results. Now the lefties are calling for a "Night of Rage" tomorrow night. Get those orders for big TVs and fancy sneakers in early.

If these things were handled properly, they wouldn't happen as often. In fact repeat performances would be rare.

The WEF shindig at Davos seems to get more attention each year. That could be a good thing if it results in more people becoming aware and actually doing something. This year seemed to me a bit more frantic than in the past. A few highlights:

Rebel News cornered the CEO of Pfizer (how'd they let that happpen?) and asked the questions that should be being asked in a courtroom, but that seems unlikely. Certainly, if cabal's plans do fall apart in a decisive fashion, someone will pay but the big fish like Albert Bourla and Fauci will have long since escaped to a safe place with much if not all of their ill-gotten loot. One thing todays exploiters have learned from the Nazis is that preparation for failure is wise, even if they can't conceive of it happening. Borla did look a bit like John Gotti in his walks into the courthouse during his eventual downfall. Gangsters are less despicable than the cabalists, preying on their own kind for the most part and reaping most of their lucre from unsavory populations. Gotti only murdered a handful of people, a few dozen at most, and most were themselves thugs. The cabal has killed millions and may well outdo Stalin and Mao, if they haven't already.

Algore showed up, along with John F'n Kerry, to do their act. Kerry read his speech as drearily as ever, but Algore...

Algore went nuts. Actually he's always been nuts, but whether he was off his meds or it was act, is hard to say. He put Alex Jones to shame. At least Alex theatrically shouts actual facts.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand apparently has decided not go seek election to another term and in fact has resigned. Word is she would have gotten stomped. I wonder if she's planning to get out of the country before a new administration can punish her for her depredations. She might want to consult Faustci for ideas on where to avoid extradition and stash her ill-gotten loot.

The Church of England still won't sanction homosexual "marriages" but apologizes for being mean to them.

In other news the national debt is now 31 trillion, and the "news" media is proclaiming doom if the government doesn't allow to continue at the present or greater rate.

Text in the pics:

And the Dennitzans always despised Josip. His tribute assessors and other agents he sent them, through Duke Alfred, developed a tendency to get killed in brawls, and somehow nobody afterward could identify the brawlers.
A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (Poul Anderson - 1974)

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