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Where do we go after...

dropping like flies? This thing could get real.

"Died suddenly" is not only escalating with leakage into cabal media, but there since there isn't any way of stopping it, unless the Quackzine has some kind of deadman switch that causes it to die off if not constantly renewed through "boosters". A possibility, but the cabal doesn't plan to fail. At this point it's still getting reasonable coverage in the real world media, but how the state media deals with it is another matter. Ineptly to be sure, but what form it takes is open to question.

Vox had an interesting observation, and I have long figured it the same way. The referenced article was of course not open to commentary on the Fox news site. Vox's comment that "Those who ride with the Black Rider are always surprised when they're flung from his high horse and left to die. Which never ceases to amaze me, because that's how it always ends for those who ride with him. He doesn't hate those who serve him any less, he just despises them as well." describes perfecly the minions of the cabal, particularly at street level - 'news' media both national and local. The faces on television, product of makeup crews and script writers, hide weak minds indoctrinated almost from birth. Especially the ones that have multimillion dollar salaries (and the attending graft opportunities) and believe that the temporary protection they enjoy is their due. Those are in for the biggest shock. The Fox guy was working for the one nominally non-corrupt media company in that league, but he is to his masters collateral damage.

Russia times has a good article on he subject. I noticed RT has had its French operation shut down, its funds frozen by the French Treasury in "sanctions against Russia" - I was surprised they had been able to operate there at all. I wonder how long it will be before they are firewalled off by the West the way China does to its population. Not as easy, but given the governments' control over communications infrastructure it is doable to some extent.

It probably depends on the situation over the next year or so. The state-run media is still the state-run media. The group that incited This was described as a "white militia" by the mainstream media, because the perpetrators were mostly white. The one that caused the incident (shooting at police officers) was black. And the organization was a leftist branch of the cabal

Text in the pics:

THIS DAY IN HISTORY Published January 21. 2023 12 02am EST
On this day in history, Jan. 21, 1977, President Carter pardons Vietnam War draft dodgers
B. Angelica Stabile Fox News

Some 100,000 Americans traveled abroad to avoid serving in the war If I had known then what I know now, I probably would have dodged. But I was indoctrinated from birth to believe that if called I should go. My father went in WWII, an uncle in Korea, a cousin just a few years older died in Vietnam (on his second tour) and I believed he was right to volunteer. The draft ended before I was 18, and I enlisted in the Air Force. It would be quite a few years before I saw how corrupt the government was even then, how my cousin and those other (mostly young) men were murdered by our corrupt government. Should Carter have pardoned them? At the time I thought not, but in part because it was nothing more than gratuitous posturing on the advice of his handlers. They were in no danger or being prosecuted or further penalized by then. An admission of guilt on the part of the government and reforms to prevent a recurrence would have been better. Perhaps an act of Congress would have been better.

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