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Mixed fruit pudding

While we watch and hope we prepared right. MacArthur's Freehold is a good read. While one hopes it doesn't come to it, the alternative is worse.

Executed Today is unique, I believe, among sites with morbid subject matter. It it isn'e so much about executions (or the occasional account of one who somehow escapes the judicial death decree in some way) it contains a great deal of interesting history about the life and times or the hapless subject. That is to say, the death and times of same. A while back the author had put up a notice that it was no longer having content added but would remain up. I notice the home page (which remained unchanged for a while) now changes regularly. So the status of maintenance is unknown. Endlessly fascinating for those with interests in al ages of history, from ancient to present.

I noticed this seeming confusion tinged with panic at the cabal confab. These guys give the standard outline of what may be done to fix it. The only thing that's usually left out of these plans is missing here as well.

India remains one of the elements the cabal has to worry about, as they are not going to go quietly, as China, Russia, and the other BRICSIA nations

A major problem with this effort at damage control is that fewer people than before will get flu shots, assuming flu shots (even advertised as such) still exist. The view of the informed will be that where the old flu shot gave a 40-60% chance of not getting the flu or having only a mild case (sound familiar?) they now have at least that probablilty dying from the 'vaccine'.

Anyone want to guessthe BAC of the driver? At least they were college players and hadn't yet graduated to the National Felons League. And won't. Then one of them could buy a new Corvette with his million dollar signing bonus and kill an innocent motorist, rear-ending her car at 120+ and burning her alive.

This is very common and has been for years. I first encountered it twenty years ago. It is much more widespread today, facilitated by legislation in some states.

Text in the pics:

"I'm guessing," Alex said, "that nonprofit is a technical term. More like a redirection of profit, to the individuals involved. No taxes, more for them if they can hide it."

"Exactly." Harry said. "You hear about the big ones, former presidents, even people who wanted to be president but didn't make it, they start nonprofits. Food and medicine and stuff for poor people in third world countries. Huge donations from people wanting to use their connections. Hundreds of millions, billions even. And very little ever gets used to help the unfortunates. It buys Gulfstream jets at fifty million a copy, mansions all over the world, and the non-profiters live a life like legitimately rich people. Hobnobbing with showbiz people and billionaires. And of course a a lot gets siphoned off to family and friends."

"So the little players do the same." Alex said. "Just on a smaller scale."

"Sure, but it's plenty big to them. From where most of them started. Guy working in a small-town bank or insurance company, whatever, wants more. What he sees on TV. Unless your parents are billionaires, only way you're gonna do it is climb the ladder as far as you can, as fast as you can. Someone gets in your way, push them off. Make deals, whatever works."

"As bad as that? Maybe I don't want my memory back."

"Some might agree with you." Harry said. "Me being one. But we play the hand we're dealt. And so here we are.

"In any case, here's the picture we have so far. I wish I'd taken this dive earlier, but it was only after I saw your case I knew something was bad wrong.

"Flip over to page, seven I believe. Yeah."

It was a map of the entire country, including Alaska and Hawaii. "You can see the concentration in the south," Harry said, "but they're all over. Some of the hospitals they own, others they have management contracts with. Consulting. Supplies purchasing. All the ways the money flows."


"Pretty much. But all nominally legal. And hard to prove otherwise, if anyone bothers to investigate. And the IRS is about the only one that can. Or will. I suppose the Justice Department could get in on it, maybe for Medicare fraud or something similar. And they generally only go after for-profits for that."

"So they go nonprofit."

"Something a buddy told me," Harry said, "worked with him in the early days. He went free-lance early, moved to Florida and lives on a boat. He does high-dollar jobs, one or two a year usually. Enough to stay sharp and build a good retirement fund. Spends a lot of time fishing, learned a lot about marine life. Having a neighbor that's a marine biologist doesn't hurt.

"He was talking about sharks one time. He said in a feeding frenzy, sharks completely lose control of what little mind they have. Sensory overload or something. They'll eat anything that comes close, including other sharks. Even parts of their own body that was ripped off by another shark."

"Sharks don't have much of a mind, do they?" Alex said. "What excuse do people have?"

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