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Popes and dopes

Former popes that is. Of course a former pope is normally a dead one, but half a dozen or so have resigned, the most recent having assumed room temperaturea bit back. I wondered at the time about the reason, but in general have little interest in things of that nature. The book may or not offer some clues. Interestingly it was published posthumously. I suppose if there is anything of interest to those outside of the Roman Catholic church they will eventually rise to the surface. There are some possibilities.

You don't suppose this has any connection to the numerous poultry version of the poultry Plandemic, do you? Slaughtering a few hundred million chickens would raise prices, yet another blow to the cabal-battered economy.

Someone described it as "McCarthy off the top rope with a flamethrower". I am thus far pleasantly (just a bit) surprised. Whether the enemy manages to get through his guard remains to be seen. That they will never stop trying is a certainty.

Not really worth commenting on. Sorry, won't do it again. (That was the dope)

This reportedly followed a visit by the head of the CIA. This may be related. Joetato announced (to no one's surprise) that the U.S. will be shipping two dozen and a handful Abrams tanks to Ukraine, with Germany and some other Euro-cabalists pitching it some Leopards. As El Rushbo often reminded us, what may look like a conspiracy is actually a number of actors pursuing the same objective, possibly for differing reasons. Given that almost all of the Euro bosses are compromised, as Joetato and his handlers, it was a foregone conclusion to anyone paying attention. Who knows, but I suspect some of them must see the precipice not far off, but personal self-preservation forces them to continue kicking the can.

I remember watching an interview with a surviving member of the Sonderkommando some years ago. It appeared to have been made shortly after the end of the war, given the age of the man and the appearance of the film. He said that he and other survivors (there weren't many, as the Germans regularly killed them off and replaced them) were sometimes asked why they obeyed, given the heart-wrenching nature of their work. He said that it is human nature to do absolutely anything, even knowing that eventual death is certain, to live for just a little longer. I suppose that is the case with most people, but it seems it can be self-defeating to the species.

Text in the pics:

Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.
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