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Life is full of small disappointments

Ideas for the Freeholder medallion. A friend is an amateur comic artist working on some of Enak's projects.

Revernal was rumored to be headed to Memphrica but present status of his appearance is unknown. Today a quickie grand jury returned indictments against five Memphis police officers accused in the death of a local criminal. Reportedly Sharpton acted quickly on the news of the death of an Afram in the city. The revelation that both cops and perp were all of the same race dampened the prospects not only of looting for new big-screen televisions and sneakers and but also lawsuits with multi-million-dollar payouts and the incarceration of one or more white cops. Bummer.

It wasn't going to be so easy though. To be sure, there would be a lawsuit. The city would pay a few million to the perp's next of kin. A token prosecution and plea deals for the cops. I knew better, and today at one of the press conferences it was said that "this goes further than the cops on the street, and the investigation will continue". In other words, there wasn't a white cop anywhere within a hundred yards or he would have been charged too. So if at all possible, a white person somewhere will be charged with something. It won't be easy, it is Memphrica after all. Shortage of candidates.

The Rodney King case demonstrated to the enemy that it could be done. That was minor compared to what would come. Once it was known that rent-a-riots, coupled with the right urban cesspool government that could a) extract millions of dollars from local governments for the "victims" (or more often their next-of-kin) and b) arrange show trials to put white cops in prison. At some point there will be no white cops in these cities, unless the city administration will allow them to work only in areas where they will not encounter perpetrators of color. Probably migration and attrition will removed the last vestiges of whiteness. Memphis is getting close at about 25%. Whether the big one is delayed that long is anyone's guess.

Google suppressed this fast enough. No matter, people continue to die suddenly. More and more of the bubbles on the bottom are coming loose.

Right, like that's gonna happen.

They must have had Slick Willie's favorite medical examiner on on this this. Teenaged boys sleeping on railroad tracks, decapitations and shots to back of head classified as self-inflicted.

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