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Meanwhile, in our little five percent

I'll get these out of the way before going on the world outside.

I wasn't going to comment further, but will follow on a couple of comments. I expected two coexistent results, and while there was speculation in the entire spectrum of the media, credible or not, I never expected anything different.

The nationwide organized violence many expected did not occur, for the obvious reason. There was simply no way to generate a wave of anti-white hatred when the entire affair was denizens of the cesspool preying on a fellow organism. Once that became clear even the Burn-Loot-Murder crowd, much as they would have liked to, got it through their dim minds (probably with a bit of friendly advice from their handlers/financiers) that it just wouldn't work and would probably be counterproductive. The masters don't like that. So a handful of (actually mostly peaceful) protests quickly fizzled.

My other thought was that the reality of the circumstances notwithstanding, the local cesspool management would still try to make it Whitey's fault as much as possible, and to pillory a white law enforcement person. There was never any question in my mind. Today they found one, a white cop who tased the perpetrator before the other cops beat him to death. A perfectly legitimate procedure, but this cop is likely to be prosecuted before this is over. They need the white face to generate hate and deflect blame. The killers are likely to cop pleas and get very little time, while the white guy goes up for a while.

Living near Memphrica and having spent much time there, it is as vile as any of the other blue cesspools, just smaller. So there are fewer such incidents. There is only so much news time available, and revenue generation from commercials and website clicks makes optimal selection essential.

It was a good day for such antics by the usual suspects, but then most days are. As are days for people who got the slab jab to continue dropping like flies. How long it will take for that to have an effect is a good question.

In other news, Russia Times had a couple of interesting observations yesterday. All are well within my memory, and I am able to view them and my own thought process relative to them. The first unnerved me when it happened, almost twenty years ago. I didn't like what was happening at all, but we were stuck with the lesser of two evils. And the alternative would have been disastrous years earlier, and in a worse way, that might not be remediable. Whether the current situation is is also open to question.

Scott Ritter paid the price for speaking truth then, but at least has survived. People who oppose the regime regularly become dead or in prison, or in prison before becoming dead.

I didn't at that time view Bush 43 as lying so much as repeating what he was told. He actually had no way of knowing, but his willingness to be a tool got him elected president, and he didn't seem to care. The Diversity hire secretary of state at the time also promulgated those lies, and later pleaded ignorance, and all was forgiven. Not that there was ever much desire to hold him accountable.

Text in the pics:

TEXAS Published January 29 2023 9:08am EST

Three former Texas high school athletes dead after police chase ends in fiery crash: report Driver going more than 20mph over speed limit when deputy attempted what would be fatal stop

By Pilar Arias I Fox News 22 seconds ago Phahian, Davarius and Malik. Got it. At least they didn't rear-end an innocent motorist and burn her alive. That only happens if you make it to the National Felons League and buy a high-dollar Corvette with your million dollar signing bonus. Henry Ruggs needs to do life without parole, but at least these three will never be a problem again.

Whoopi Goldberg asks if we need to see White people get beat up' to see change, then quickly clarifies 'I'm not suggesting that. So don't write us and tell me what a racist I am: Goldberg quickly added

Marna Poo Fox Hews Except for the few hapless and unwary whites (like the girl at LSU) few of us are in danger of being beat up by blacks, as the would-be beaters get the short end. Normally I don't pay much attention to this travesty of humanity, but the fact is there somewhere there are several trees working continuously to provide the oxygen that keeps it alive. When she assumes room temperature I will, on behalf of all things good and decent, apologize to the trees. Reply Share

HistoryRepeats737 No, Whoopi, beating up white people will not bring change. White people don't have a special hold on anything anymore. Our traditions and culture are not important anymore. Our history and customs are no longer relevant. Whatever whites value or cherish has been dismissed. Blacks have had over 150 years to find their place in American society. And they've found it.

Pennsylvania jury acquits pro-life activist Mark Houck on charges of obstructing abortion clinic access

Mark Houck, 48, faced 11 years in prison for allegedly violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act

Louis Cassano I Fox News 16 seconds ago Once in a while a small victory. Surprised, being Filthydelphia. Should've been possible to find a NY or DC type jury, automatic guilty verdict for ones who resist evil. Fed charges, so can't try him again, unless they make a new charge, as they do when cops who are prosecuted for arresting criminals of the wrong color accidentally get acquitted - just use a federal law for the same thing. In other news, a white cop in Memphis is being investigated for his nebulous connection to the black-on-black cop-beating death the other day. Look for him to go up for 20-to-life while the actual perps cop pleas. Pun intended.

susie4truth 5 minutes ago Now thats something to celebrate. A big win for the tittles. Reply WI; tiP Share

CPO(ret) 5 minutes ago Justice system works! That is what makes our Country great! Reply di; tiP Share

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