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Can't make this stuff up

In the current vernacular anyway. I might as well misuse the word so I fit in. That way the younger ones get the idea.

Certainly the Chinese Balloon Debacle would seem unbelievable if you didn't know it happened. Whether or not the facts will be revealed at some point, and whether they will be believed, is another question. The only certainty is that the facts are NOT included in the news regarding the incident. Except the real news, AKA conspiracy theories and vast right wing disinformation. As they say of S(l)ick Willie "they will lie when the truth would serve better".

Whether it was a malfunction (plausible, given the way tech stuff works Chinese style) or a deliberate probe (quite plausible as there will be no consequences) or a mission to seed the country with a new "disease" or toxin (not that they wouldn't, but there are certainly easier ways) we may not know for some time if at all.

I can buy the malfunction theory, even if a second balloon was seen transiting South America. Maybe good help is hard to find in China, whether building spy balloons or operation. Maybe the operators get blamed and become spare parts.

The mills of the gods turn slowly, but how fine they grind is questionable. The slow part is not. A few days ago one Jeremy Hutchinson was called to pay the piper for crimes committed from 2010-2017, for which he was indicted in 2018, and finally took an offer for just short of four years in Club Fed and will of course serve less. Hutchinson was an Arkansas state senator who took money from a corrupt health-care related charity (is there another kind?) to get legislation passed to facilitate their illegal profiteering.

Arkansas is pretty corrupt, but the ovis aries arkansas doesn't get excited easily. After all, they tolerated Slick Willie and even elected him again after booting him after his first term. Only when it gets bitch slapped for the third time does it get the idea that someone is up to no good.

While most Arkansas politicians identify as Republican (the state's congressional delegation is four Republican representatives and two Republican senators, so democrats run as Republicans) a good many are a notch below RINOs. And as corrupt. A few years back a senator who was the CEO of a Medicaid-harvesting operation (disadvantaged children daycare) that reaping some serious money, was in the Senate lobbying his peers for relaxed safety standards for operations such as his. They were already pretty low. Meanwhile the minimum-wage workers at one of the facilities left a five-year-old child strapped in a seat in a closed van for eight hours on a 90+ summer day. With the expected result. The senator offered to pay for the kid's funeral though. Nice.

The aforementioned Hutchinson is a nephew of the former governor of Arkansas, one Asa Hutchinson He was term-limited out, his slaps apparently not having been enough to awaken the sheep.

Text in the pics:

The reason the USA is not capable of constructing a grand strategy is that it is not a nation. It is an empire which is ruled by a foreign elite, rather like the Roman Empire once the emperors ceased to be Roman.

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