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After the balloon

The regime finally decided to shoot down the Chicom spy balloon yesterday.   'We were planning to do so all along' was followed by 'The same thing happened when Trump was president'.   And revelations that another such visitor crashed near Hawaii several months ago.   The deed was done off the coast of South Carolina, about three hundred miles from Asheville, North Carolina, where crime is becoming a bit of a problem, and the city administration is concerned as the local economy is heavily dependent on tourism.   The demographic trend usually responsible for increased crime is not the usual one in Asheville.   The white population increased considerably while the usual negative one became a smaller piece of the pie percentage-wise though there was an increase.   Unfortunately for the entire state has suffered from the technology boom in the Raleigh-Durham-Cary area and the three prominent universities there.   The woke white influx brought on the usual decline in both morality and ethics and the crippling of law enforcement.   I would expect migration from North Carolina to its southern neighbor or to Tennessee of Georgia.   They certainly have it easier than people in California and New York, in terms of relocating to a free state.

A former Pakistani president has assumed room temperature.   Musharraf saw the writing on the wall and resigned in 2008, but it wasn't enough to put his successor at ease and he was indicted for treason.   Knowing that this meant he was about follow in the footsteps of Bhutto (literally, if the gallows was still in the same location) he managed to get out of the country for "medical treatment" and never returned.   Whether this satisfied his enemies or not (probably not as they sentenced him to death in absentia) he managed to live out his life in relative peace.

The Medical Industry has more blood on its hands.   This is somewhere north of sickening.   Although one of the four victims remains nominally alive (mentally and physically scarred for life) and an entire family of seven perished in this case, the juxtaposition of the cases displays the range of ways in which pure unadulterated evil is manifested in human flesh.

In the first case one senses something wrong immediately and it quickly gets worse.   Briefly, a young wife and mother of three children (ages <1 to 5) killed two and attempted to kill the third (who later died) before jumping out of a window.   The final act may be presumed to be a suicide attempt, I would suggest that it might well not be.   Knowing some of the ingredients in the incrementally lethal cocktail of drugs prescribed by a doctor and having had them (without my consent) administered to me, I know that with those drugs even in ostensibly safe dosages can completely destroy any semblance of sanity not only for the expected duration of effect but for weeks or months afterward. I will be contacting the lawyer defending this unfortunate person and offer my testimony and medical records, as well as that of other witnesses, if they may be helpful in allowing her to have some semblance of a normal life afterwards.

And then we have the other case.   Briefly: On Saturday, according to police, Robinson's maroon Dodge Challenger raced at more than 100 mph (161 kph) through a red traffic signal at a busy crossroad, slamming into a Toyota Sienna minivan containing seven family members and triggering chain-reaction crashes involving three other vehicles including a Ford Fusion in which a 31-year-old woman was critically injured.

The perpetrator in this case was a repeat offender who should not have been driving.   Of course the doctor in the first case may well have been (and likely was) a repeat offender who had done harm to other people.   The reckless driver will most likely be prosecuted and punished to some (almost certainly inadequate) degree, but the doctor has not yet been held accountable and probably will not be.

Some years ago the popular excuse for miscreants was that "society failed them".   That was 100% pure garbage twenty years ago and still is.   But society does fail constantly.   It failed the family of seven in that minivan. It failed the young mother.   It failed me in the same way, and it failed a friend, who eventually ended her own life because the cumulative damage from years of abuse at the hands of the medical industry was too much. There should someday be a tribunals like the Nuremberg trials for those who have trafficked in human lives in this way.   By the way, a number of the prominent defendants in the WWII war crimes trials were doctors. There's your precedent.

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Coincidence: You weren't paying attention to the other half of what was going on.

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