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Ronaldus Maximus

Ronaldus Maximus would be 112 today. While he was only 70, give or take a couple of weeks, when he assumed the Presidency in 1981 he was the oldest to be a first-term president. Interestingly, for those who look for omens, Trump broke the record at well over 71. Reagan followed the Carter debacle, which pales by comparison to the current regime. Whether events will transpire the same way this time around remains to be seen

Reagan would save the Republic for eight years but Bush 41 was knocking holes in it as soon as he was in charge. Bush had been pretty well forced on Reagan by the party. Unable to prevent him from getting the nomination they did the best they could by ensuring that his successor (should Bush follow as vice-presidents often do) would reverse the Reagan achievements. Which he did.

It doesn't take much imagination to see what Reagan would think of the country today. Would he, if he is watching, intercede as Moses did with Israel to prevent our imminent destruction? My guess is that he would. He loved the Republic and gave himself in service in an attempt to save it.

I wouldn't wish Ronaldus to have to view the level of depravity show by the Grammy Awards, now down to about half a percent of the U.S. population. The main attraction seems to have been a homosexual British entertainer with a number of other participants in red costumes apparently intended to represent Satan and demons, or something along those lines. While partly driven by the incessant craving for attention, this was also directed by their masters. Such "stars" are products, the end result large financial investment in production, with the celebutard being merely a delivery vehicle. They become rich and famous to be sure, and live a life of hedonistic luxury, but know that it can (and will) be taken away if they get out of line. Possibly a smart one now and then uses the opportunity to squirrel away a few millions somewhere and find a way to get out and live out their days away from the sickness and in relative comfort, but those are few and far between. More importantly this display was a deliberate attack on the normal decent society. A this is a miscalculation, a bridge too far and too soon? I believe that is in the minds of many in the U.S. branch of the cabal, which lives in a bubble. Or is it a desperate attempt to do as much damage as possible before the inevitable backlash? Hard to say.

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