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After the hate

Paul would shortly engage in a death-duel with his evil cousin, with the future of the universe at stake. Or perhaps not so much. He had seen the jihad going forward with or without him. Trump is possibly, if incongruously, like Paul Atreides. He was able to coalesce a resistance to the cabal which will remain. Whether or not he assumes the office again or if someone from the same mold and even more effective and focused does so and restores the Republic sufficiently to endure for a while remains to be seen.

The Hate of the Union address was as expected. Joetato remained vertical and was only incoherent for longer than usual. The regime guests were, as far as the ones I recognized are concerned, were the expected. Bono was there, and if he was looking for truth or peace or love or nice things, he still hasn't found them. A Holocaust survivor, who may or may have not been aware that she was among people easily as bad as the Nazis who failed to kill her, and just don't have the power at this point. Various people with illness or deaths in the family, Pillosi's husband (apparently recovered from the hammering by the boy toy or whatever) and the parents of the black man who was beaten to death by black cops in Memphrica. The Ukrainian ambassador was of course a guest. He might want to stay in the U.S. if he can manage it, given the prospects for his homeland.

There were the usual lies about Republicans wanting to end Social Security and being responsible for all other ills. A Republican representative stood up and called him a liar. That's becoming a regular thing. As someone observed, he promised to fix problems he spent half a century creating.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the new governor of Arkansas, gave a lucid and succinct response. Of course as someone said, "What have you done when you've bested a fool?"

With Governor Sanders in office Arkansas joins Florida and Texas as bastions of freedom as the Republic crumbles. Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia are hobbled by demographic problems but at least in Republican hands for now. Missouri and Oklahoma are solid, but if Missouri could reocate St. Louis to the other side of the river matters would be greatly improved. Tennessee would be extremely well off if Memphrica could be relocated, but Arkansas and Missouri are obviously unavailable. Moving it to north Mississipppi would help Tennessee but Mississippi would then be entirely lost. Only when taxpayer money can not be used to subsidize the parasite class, leaving states to fund it as they see fit, the free states can starve out their nests, and if the blue states want to take them they can do so.

So the state of the union is that it is rotten beyond repair in much of the northeast and the west coast, with the southwest in jeopardy but perhaps not yet lost. The mid-north is about like the south.

And finally, lest the memorial date pass onobserved, four centuries and about three dozen years ago Mary of Scotland (often referred to as Mary, Queen of Scots) met her end as her cousin had finally decided that her scheming was going too far and decided not to take a chance on her getting lucky. As the IRA (which one I don't know) told Maggie Thatcher after just missing her with a bomb in here hotel room "We only have to be lucky once, you need to be lucky always." No need to go into IRA stuff here, way too complicated. Anyhow, Liz decided it was time for her annoying cousin to be gone. So off came the head. There are of course questions about some things, but if Mary had just settled down and accepted her fate, she could lived out her life in relative comfort for someone who had made the wrong choices at almost every opportunity. Her son did become king after Liz died, so if in the afterlife people thinks about things back here, that probably made her happy.

Text in the pics:

And Paul saw how futile were any efforts of his to change any smallest bit of this. He had thought to oppose the jihad within himself, but the jihad would be. His legions would rage out From Arrakis even without him. They needed only the legend he already had become. He had shown them the way, given them mastery even over the Guild which must have the spice to exist.

Dune (Frank Herbert)

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