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The Bidas Touch

In MacArthur's Freehold General Anthony, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the only sane voice in the cabinet, which is cowering in fear as the country collapses in chaos while groups of partisans, along with the stew of malcontents that has been simmering for years, assault the government centers of power. He knows the end of the regime is near, but is searching for a way to prevent the complete destruction of the nation. He finally is able to contact Ishmael and assist him in effecting a happy ending. The passage shows the unmitigated chaos that is near even now.

Bidas touch is apparently a fairly recent invention, at least the Urban Dictionary doesn't have it yet. I found several thousand unsuppressed references using Google. I'll have my friend at HypCryme add it to his dictionary. I heard in on Clay and Buck a while ago, and sometimes I am a bit slow. Due to workload of course.

The balloon debacle seems typical of the state of the regime. Whether the Chi-com spy balloon was intentionally ignored and only became a problem when it became from the ground. If there have been others before, I wonder if the Chi-coms deliberately flew it low enough to be seen easily. It seems to have been as much a test (reaction from the regime) and a taunt.

Joetato gave an interview on Telemundo, and not being prepared and handled as thoroughly as for the Hate of the Union affair he stumbled and bumbled and said stupid things.

The other vegetable of recent notoriety, for which I don't yet have a nickname, predictably didn't get too far past the finish line before his deterioration continued. Apparently having some sort of medical issue, he is now in the hospital. Certainly he is guaranteed the best treatment, as every effort will be made to keep the crucial Senate vote viable. Of course if he does assume room temperature he will be replaced by another dim, and if an election is needed to replace him another demonrat is most likely to be "elected", it being Pennsylvania. I don't at the moment know if a temporary replacement can be appointed by the governor, as is the case in some states. If the seat must remain unoccupied until an election is held, it would be a suboptimal situation for the dims.

Joetato seems to have appeared at NBA game, and was thoroughly booed. An NBA game is the professional sports event at which he is most likely to have received the least hostile reception, although the NFL is probably close. No word yet on whether a TV reporter told the audience they were hearing something else. Something like "Let's go Lemoron" maybe?

Interesting only because it's a puzzle piece that isn't part of the the eventual solution, but some of those working on their version of the puzzle believe it does. Or might. And that probably makes sense to a very few people. Mantis Section. See'ya tommorrow night.

Text in the pics:

"What would you suggest, General?" Springfield asked. "Do we put the entire country under martial law?" He had been expecting it, and suspected his chances of explaining the problem to them were close to non-existent, but he had to try. He walked over to a large whiteboard and picked up the remote. Scrolling through a menu, he found what he was looking for. He displayed a large map of the the contiguous states, with only the boundaries and names of the states. Using a stylus he drew a large circle around California and another around the northeast area. He turned back to the table.

"Close to ninety percent of the population lives in the cities," he said. "About eighty million of it here," pointing to the circles. "The total armed forces numbers about two million, or just under. The army, guard and reserves included, is only half of that. You might be able to maintain order, to some degree, in the cities. Or not. I wouldn't want to see it. For the rest of the country, forget it."

"What do you mean, forget it?" Jordan asked. "Out there is where the problem is." There has to be a way to stop it.

Had the situation not been so serious, Anthony would have enjoyed their discomfiture. There really was no solution - the country would soon be in complete chaos if something were not done. And ten times the army they had couldn't deal with it, assuming half the army did not desert and join the rebels.

"Do you have any suggestions?" he asked.

"Why can't State and local law enforcement to contain it?" Jordan asked. "We should have federalized all law enforcement long ago. Can they do nothing?"

"Next to nothing" Anthony said. "Assuming they wanted to. Probably many of them are on the side of the rebels. And in any case there aren't enough. Look..."

He was still standing by the whiteboard, and drew an outline around the interior, excluding the coasts.

"What you call flyover country" he said. "Everything you need to live comes from there, or has to be transported across it. There are thousands of bridges - highway and railroad - almost of all of them running through virtually uninhabited country. The same goes for electricity, and water for most of the large metro areas. Take out a bridge and trains or trucks don't move on that line or road for days or weeks. One of those transmission towers goes down and the lights go off in the cities. You would have occupy every square mile, three million square miles, to keep it all secure."

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