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What do you call it when...

Not only are the component machines of the big machine now working together very well but their internal parts are out of sync most of the time. Like Charlie's snakes, sharks have been observed, a feeding frenzy, to bite anything that comes close to their mouths. Including parts of themselves that have been torn off by other sharks.

The regime seems to a lot of loose parts rattling around. Chernohio is not settling down as they hoped, and neither is the Chicom Balloon Fiasco. Joetato made a rambling statement, or rather he read amazingly well considering the length, a statement concocted by whomever prepares his statements. It seems that in their panic they sent the Air Force out to shoot down whatever was handy. Apparently some hobbyists had one of their balloons go missing about the time one of the shootdowns was reported.

Chernohio doesn't seem to be going away either. It will probably vanish soon from the state-run media, but its influence wanes daily. The undercurrent, the bubbles on the bottom of the pan, continue to grow.

It seems the neocons want to see if they can do in Hungary what they did in Ukraine. It seems unlikely to succeed. What happens to the agent may be interesting.

I wondered when Florida would become a target for this sort of thing. The governor doesn't fool around, and the law enforcement and judicial infrastructure is solid. If they catch someone bombing and burning will go hard for them.

Arkansas is quietly following Florida's lead.

For now it seems that ineptitude and general clumsiness mitigate the damage somewhat, or make delaying action possible. We often discuss the concept of a master plan, at the Satan level, and all agree that there is. But Satan's capabilities are unknown, except that we know they are limited in certain ways. Do those limitations include the inability to micromanage all the parts of his schemes? That is, is he not permitted to smoothly coordinate the efforts of the environmental nutjobs, fanatical perverters, financially and politically powerful entities, anarchists, etc. into one killing instrument? And if his minions can go their own ways in ways to do not suit him, his non-minions (whatever state of being they are in) have more flexibility and are thus more unpredictable.

Text in the pics:

I lived on a farm when I was a kid. Country folks in them days had a habit of killing any snake they came across. Almost all of them were harmless, but they killed them anyway. See a snake, grab something, hoe, shovel, whatever. Go to wailin' on the serpent. Snake don't know what's happening. Thrashin' around, bite what you hittin' it with, sometimes seen'em bite themselves in the panic and confusion.

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