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A tale of two...

But first, yesterday was the end of the second year since El Rushbo passed on to the next world. It seems longer, but whether it is because the intervening time was in my case so unusual, or that the state of the world was as well. Or both. I learned of Rush's passing while in a hospital bed, drugged senseless most of the time with a cocktail of psychotropic medications normally used on mentally ill people (I was in the hospital because of complications following heart surgery) and was in and out of reality (mostly out) for a number of months. The medical industry certainly did a number on me, and I am still trying to rebuild my body and cerebral-neural interface. Meanwhile the Republic was and remains under assault from the satanic forces, both those consciously in the service of the evil one and those deranged beings who probably, in some cases, believe they are doing some good.

I occasionally say, usually while troll-baiting in the venues I occasionally visit (usually after a bit of ethanol enhancement) something that some of my peers may disapprove. I posit the scenario of Rush as a latter-day Moses, charged with leading the nation to a promised land but not allowed to complete the journey. The most common interpretation of the story of Moses (actually it is rather explicit in the narrative) is that because of an act of disobedience Moses was not permitted to finish the journey.

However, it is somehow appropriate (whether of not Moses would have chosen it) for his part in the play to end at that point, having shepherded the people to within sight of their destination going offstage to allow a younger leader assume the responsibility for the next phase. And Moses was after all 120 years old, long even for that time. Abraham lived about fifty years longer, but that that was 500-600 years before Moses, and lifespans had been declining since the beginning.

So Moses was taken up on a mountain overlooking the Promised Land and allowed to see the future home of his flock, and there ended his part. Similarly I sometimes say, that perhaps Rush, who labored tirelessly for over thirty years to hold back the darkness by enlightening millions and inspiring a host of others to follow in his footsteps, so successfully that today the part of the population so enlightened far exceeds the brainwashed tools of the left. Unfortunately the herds (flocks) of sheeple, both uninformed and cowardly, is still larger. But the tide does seem to be turning.

What did Rush see from the mountain? What he had worked to accomplish, a nation free of the evil that grown for so long. The evildoers punished, removed from society, or at least silenced by opposition from the normal population. Just as Israel did not become a utopia, and in fact never became what it could have had the people only consistently obeyed their Creator and purged the evil from their midst constantly.

It is likely that if the Republic is saved a considerable purge will be required. The wicked must not only be stopped but punished and stripped of power (their ill-gotten wealth a part of it) and the governmental structure reformed to enforce the laws that were broken with impunity. Where necessary modifications to laws may be required, or new ones enacted, but it should be relatively few.

Just as the Israelites continually relapsed a restored Republic will not be immune. Such is human nature.

And the 39th president" is said to be in end-of-life care at 98. Not bad, my dad died at 97 and the first 95 or so were pretty good. Certainly not the worst president as some have it. That honor belonging for now to Joetato. And while it was pretty bad while he was in office, in terms of corruption Slick Willie, Ovomit, and Joetato are worse and even more destructive. Carter's damage was the result of good intentions by someone who hadn't a clue of what needed to be done.

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