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Never let a crisis...

Obviously creating crises has been going on for longer than the dirtbag who invoked it during the Slick Willie era. The origin is attributed to Machiavelli but creating a crisis, while it has also been around for a while, seems to be something the cabal relies on.

The plandemic is of course an example of a 'crisis' engineered to simultaneously enrich the medical industry, wreck the economy (and the lives of millions of citizens), accomplish a certain amount (how much is not yet known) of depopulation. Whether the cabal expected the majority of those they would like most to eliminate refused to comply and survived I cannot say.

What sort of actual crisis Chernohio proves to be remains to be seen. Probably an actual accident, rather than a deliberate act, it is a serious problem the an incompetent regime already with more than problems than it can deal with. It seems rather as if they are relying entirely on being able to control elections absolutely, but this includes the continuing docility and blindness of the sheeple.

Joetato visited the puppet state of Ukraine, to assure the world that the U.S. will continue to try to save it. A couple of pundits today observed something I have been thinking for a while, that Russia is doing to the U.S. what Reagan did to Russia. Certainly we (and our western European accomplices) are having our military resources depleted and the prospect for rebuilding them in a timely fashion is dim. And the personnel situation in the U.S. is dire. The destruction of the armed services has left the already unprepared army more so than numbers would suggest. A force of barely over a million, including guard and reserves (of which only about 25% of which are combat personnel) is infested with the most unsuitable and unqualified types. The apocryphal statement by Yamomoto that an invasion of the U.S. mainland would be suicidal because of the numbers of armed citizens is an accurate depiction of what would happen if those paltry forces were used in an attempt to subdue the population. The ones who didn't desert would be quickly wiped out - despite Joetato's (or the idiots who write his material) assertion that "without F-15s and nukes" resistance would be futile. I personally know quite a few people who almost wish they would try it.

The results of such an action are difficult to predict. If a sufficient number of the 20-30 million partisans could be united under competent leadership, order might be restored and a reasonable semblance of the Republic preserved.

In any case, Joetato made his speech (reading the cues such as "end of quote") and an air-raid siren was activated to reinforce the illusion of it being a dangerous situation. Perhaps he will embellish his account with remarks about being under sniper fire.

Finally, the destruction of Project Veritas is underway. Mr. O'Keefe made the mistake of accepting financial "help" with his mission and the infiltrators took over and dismissed him. Project Veritas will go the way of the Sludge Report, while he rebuilds, and because is a very smart guy he will succeed. And likely many in the organization will follow him to his new project.

Text in the pics:

Never let a good crisis go to waste. If you don't have a good crisis, create one.

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