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One thing they didn't count on

Howard was a treasure, a rare jewel among a horde Smaug would envy. He wasn't the first of those brilliant meteorites, but in these cases the afterimage of that brief flash endures for generations.

I don't know how long these kinds of links work, but if it becomes inaccessible I'll change it. It was written by a LWNJ for a lefty propaganda publication, and he seems to have noticed what many of us have always known. That some, not many but more than a few, leftist disciples are learning the truth. In this case it's the lefties fleeing places like California and New York (City actully) into the sparsely populated heartland encounter the normal people (those that were already there and those who are seeking refuge there) meet the people they once regarded as their enemies and in at least some cases embrace reality. More or less, case by case.

I had commie teachers in high school (70s) but they were mostly products of the first wave of communist infiltration after WWII. I knew a few of their products, kids I went to school with mostly, who twenty years later were spouting the product they had been infused with. Generally they were not the best and brightest, except in the small pond we lived in. A town of about 7,000, county population maybe 12,000. A hundred and ten or so in my senior class. Starting in the seventh grade we were segregated by ability (as best as could be managed) and I spent the last six years in a cherry-picked class of twenty. I believe one of my nineteen classmates matched my IQ (exceeded, another one may have matched it) and the others were merely above average. 245 if you're curious. Or 247. The Air Force tested me a second time to be sure, as they were recruiting me for a job where it was rather important to minimize errors.

The one guy I was thinking of, a year older, was typical of the conditioning. I found myself working with him, briefly, when his political aspirations failed (the arrival of the Reagan administration made his chosen career path impractical in any foreseeable timeframe) and he went back to his hometown where his father and uncle owned most of one of the local banks. Their fortunes (inherited) were on the decline but provided a soft landing for the time. He would defend the communist dictators like Ortega and rail against the U.S. intervention in the march of communism in such places as Latin America, his arguments based completely on propaganda that was demonstrably false. I always suspected that such an attitude was a combination of emotion and indoctrination, but in no case would common sense and investigation and analysis affect his position. He was a hypocrite of monumental dimensions, as lefties must be if they are sufficiently cognizant. Most aren't.

Chernohio doesn't seem to be disappearing. While the regime dismisses it as a part of the big picture, it certainly is one. One of many, as they continue to appear, seemingly on a daily basis. Perhaps because the picture is so big, trying to deal with any one piece of it is rather futile.

Governor DeSantis is not only smart but fearless. If I were one to put stock in omens I would think he is one. He became governor of Florida by a narrow margin over a criminal mentally ill pervert in 2018. Had this travesty been governor of Florida during the Plandemic, things would have been much different. The effect would have been disastrous for the state and the nation.

Text in the pics:

Yasmina, confused by the rapidity of events, not quite sure just what had happened, saw a vague shape rush out of the darkness, bare feet slapping softly on the rock, ragged garments whipping on the wind of his haste. She glimpsed the flicker of steel, heard the lightning crack of stroke, parry and counter-stroke, and the crunch of bone as Conan's long knife split the other's skull.

Conan sprang back, crouching in the shelter of the rocks. Out in the night men were moving and a stentorian voice roared: 'What, you dogs! Do you flinch? In, curse you, and take them!'

Conan started, peered into the darkness and lifted his voice.

'Yar Afzal! Is it you?'

There sounded a startled imprecation, and the voice called warily.

'Conan? Is it you, Conan?'

'Aye!' the Cimmerian laughed. 'Come forth, you old war-dog. I've slain one of your men.'

~~ The People of the Black Circle (Robert E. Howard - 1934)

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