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Stay away

My favorite cartoonist, well one of several as B.C. and The Wizard of Id have been favorites for half a century or more, has ruffled some feathers. I don't know what Vox Day will have to say, since Scott took some (deserved) heat for his failure on the Plandemic. Whatever cred he had with the left is gone now.

I would only suggest that he's late to the party. Dilbert suggested to me that he understood things pretty well, but perhaps he was blinded by his conditioning or just didn't want to face the issue.

I didn't find the results of the Rasmussen poll surprising, except perhaps that I expected more blacks to hate whites, given the conditioning (and selective breeding) of the past several generations. As for just over a quarter of whites professing self-hatred, that's probably a bit lower than I expected.

Scott's solution is much the same as most. It's a part of the separation that is occurring, as the people fleeing the blue states for the the free red states are white. The blue states become not only bluer but blacker. Which is fine with the elitists who run them, as long as the taxpayers of all states fund their support of the parasite population that keeps them in control. Only a successful national divorce (which ought to be called a restoration of autonomy or something similar) which makes the blue states responsible for the costs of the sponges (SNAP, WIC, HUD, Medicaid, etc.) will solve that problem.

When that problem finally boils over is anyone's guess. Not a day goes by without something like this or this, and the emotional damage to so many people accumulates. At some the bubbles on the bottom of the pot break loose, first a few but by the time they're noticed it's too late. And all the time those feeding the fire assume that nothing will ever come of their actions.

Perhaps the eruption will coincide with the collapse of the regime in a couple of years, and the various intermingled causes can (maybe) be sorted out by future generations. Depending on what emerges from the rubble.

Text in the pics:

I was in a bed. I seemed to be wearing a hospital gown. The room was nearly dark. I could not move. I was on my back, my wrists and ankles seemed to be tied to something. Eventually someone entered the room and turned on the light. I was able to see that my wrists had thin metal wire around them, and the wire was tied to the bed frame. I was unable to move my hands or feet more than a few inches.

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