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Beats me too

Dr. Naomi Wolf had an interesting entry yesterday, well worth reading. I see much the same thing, and like her I'm not sure about the complete answer is. "For we know in part,in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away." Certainly most of those who are so certain, with their education and resumes in government and academia are getting it wrong, because they are so certain that they do know. Having your sheltered life disturbed in a drastic way can improve you vision, if only enough to let you know much you don't know. Or as Ronaldus Maximus put it, "knowing so much that isn't so".

I'm not convinced most of them know or believe anything based on observation, research and critical thinking. I would put all but a handful in the opportunistic feeder class. The expensively attired and coifed puppets on television (obviously addressing a tiny audience but representative of the propagandists) are in it for the money, and what that money can buy. It is not surprising that almost every one of them is compromised Epstein-style (he's presumably dead but he himself was but a tool) and either do as commanded by their masters or at best lose it all and at worst end up like one of these.

The same goes for the celebutards who promote perversion and satanism through the popular culture. No one takes a teenage bimbo without enough intelligence to assemble one of those state map puzzles, spends millions of dollars on an army of song/script writers, hair/wardrobe/makeup technicians, lawyers, accountants, pollsters and various other specialists to produce the product unless there's something big in it. To be sure, there's money (although some such enterprises seem to be having problems with that business model) and giving the bimbo a few millions or even a billion in some cases as a reward is just a business expense. Materials. If the masters say do a perverted display at an awards show that fewer people watch every year, or proclaim your homosexuality (even if you aren't one) or atheism (whether you even think about it) you will do it, because you know if you don't it will all be taken away. Four or five guys get together in a garage and have a fifty-year career that will make less money (probably just a few million each) but it's all theirs, both the money and the knowledge that they did it. And the music will live on far beyond their lifetimes, and they join the Mozart, Berlioz, Dvorak, Bach - pick your favorites. (I occasionally have the guilty daydream about Paganini being reincarnated, and seeing him trade his Stradivarius for a Stratocaster, and I believe he would.)

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