Weekend at Bernies?

Rumors that Fetterwoman is brain-dead are proliferating over the past forty-eight hours. Actually brain-dead as in he is finished, never to rise again, kept alive by machines until the inevitable. The Demonrats are reportedly planning to keep him breathing until 29 August, after which time a special election would not be required and the governor can appoint a replacement until the next election. If he does indeed expire the machinations of the state-run media and the other party tools should be entertaining to watch. I marvel at the lack of any ability on the left to form a strategy beyond the one they've followed so successfully in recent years. The apparent strategy of running Joetato again in 2024 assumes that he will even be vertical by then is as senseless as was running Fetterwoman. Thus I would not be surprised if, should Joetato assume room temperature before the election, they will run the Bride of Frankenfood. Assuming she is extant by that time. I wouldn't bet on either. Or Fetterwoman making it much further.

It is somewhat reminiscent of the Russian replacements for Brezhnev. He had been in office for nearly twenty years, and Khrushchev had been there for eleven years before him. It was pretty much a lifetime office unless you were deposed. So when Andropov lasted just over a year and his successor less than that, it seemed the Russians were out of ideas. The new one was just in his fifties but by then the Soviet Union was about done, between the effects of the recovery of the U.S. under Reagan and the Afghanistan quagmire and so Gorbachev presided over the ending of the USSR.

It seems the left in this country will follow the same course. I certainly hope a similar breakdown in their part of the cabal will ensue, and with that gone the worldwide structure will be in serious trouble. They look ahead to what seems to them the safe course.

Chernohio continues to not go away. The regime continues to alternately lie and ignore, what the eventual effect (aside from that on the victims) can't be known until the next election. The mid-terms demonstrated that a large section of the country is solidly populated by that combination of lefties and the vast pool of parasites that reliably elects their candidates no matter what. The results of the next census are certain to move more electoral votes to free states, but the next election after that is two presidential cycles away. Whether the combination of zombie states and effective fraud in borderline states can put another cabal puppet in the White House remains to be seen.

Zelynskyy is frantically trying to stem the tide turning against the war in the U.S.

"If they do not change their opinion…they will lose NATO, they will lose the clout of the United States, they will lose the leadership position they are enjoying in the world," Zelensky declared, following a speech in which he declared 2023 the "Year of Invincibility" and vowed to unite the world against Russia.

About two-thirds of the world (which includes Russia) is already united against the cabal of which the U.S. is a part and of which Ukraine is a puppet. The sooner NATO is reduced to a condition in which it can not continue the war the better off the world will be, the U.S. included. We might actually achieve freedom from the empire and a peaceful and prosperous future.

A darling of the left for so many years got red-pilled and were they ever unhappy. And they turned on him immediately. For all the good it will do, those four mouthpieces of the left are about as influential as the alphabet news outlets.

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