Not letting go

I wonder what Jerry would think of today's world. He only died six years ago, but had been in bad health for a while. And much has happened in that half-dozen years, almost all of it bad. Perhaps, depending on how things turn out, he was spared having to see the world becoming what it seems to be. On the other hand, if we escape that fate and turn back the tide, he would have liked to see that. I'm slightly optimistic.

I suspect he would probably be canceled, if he were younger and in the prime of his career. Scott Adams certainly got it, because he got it and said so. Newspapers dropped one of the top five comic strips of all time. After thirty-plus years the newspaper syndicator dropped him because he told the truth, and he reports that his book publisher and agent dropped him as well. He published a dozen or so Dilbert books, a lot of other books, and a lot of people made a lot of money because they did business with him. He made a lot of money, and will make a lot more if he pleases. Newspapers are irrelevant to guys like him, as are book publishers. Whoever picks him up will make money, he'll make money, and the cowards won't.

Adams is one of the one-percenters, two-percenters, or somewhere in that area, as smart people go. Certainly top five. People like Elon Musk. Not people like Bill Gates, who would be lucky to be in the top fifteen.

The freeloaders (student loans) are at the Supreme Court, demanding their piece of the handouts. In the big picture it hardly matters, a drop in the bucket of the economic destruction wrought by the regime. As a matter of principle, they are a despicable bunch and my only hope is that if things do go south for good (or a long time) that a good many of them will live to endure it. If some enclaves of freedom survive the show should be entertaining.

Some still aren't letting go, although being in Texas this may not go anywhere. Even as the Plandemic is being exposed down to the bare bones, some will milk it as long as they can. Those living in the slave states should have moved by now if they don't like it. Obviously many do, as they voted to continue it. The massive parasite population in those states keeping them in power may one day be their undoing. Except for the unfortunate few trapped by circumstances the migration should be mostly done by the next census. I suspect that will be interesting.

I have read from time to time that during the Middle Ages ninety-nine percent or so, almost everyone on earth, lived their entire lives without ever going more than five miles from the place of their birth. That's part of the cabal's plan. Just as they are not worried about the fact there is neither enough sun and wind to power more than a very small part of the electric automobiles needed to replace ICE-powered ones, of enough materials to build them. They don't plan for very many people to have cars. Or for that matter for there to be very many people.

The reason their plans will fail, is that there are millions of people like this. Whatever happens in the rest of the world, their failure to disarm the tens of millions of what amount to Fremen will stop their plans for the U.S. to fall. As the U.S. (small as it is in population and land area) is the keystone, failure to secure it will ensure failure. The number of pieces to the puzzle is shrinking as resistance to the unipolar efforts grows.

Like Scott Adams and Elon Musk, this lady doesn't care. I suspect some of them have Twitter accounts as much because they enjoy seeing the lefty heads explode as for any other reason. And like the rich and famous who tell the establishment to fuck off, these people don't need approval. There is more intellectual and spiritual energy on Substack than the whole of the establishment - business, government, entertainment, and the rest. Substack is hated by them, and for now at least they can't do anything about it. They also told them to fuck off.

If only more had done this. It might have taken more than one, but if the girls swim teams had simply refused to participate this would have ended very quickly. Of course, if the first few times a male entered the girls' locker room they had beaten it to within an inch of its live and heaved it out the door, and if it came back finished the job...

The problem with decent people they're decent for too long. Until it's too late.

Text in the pics:

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The eye that looks ahead to the safe course is closed forever.
Dune (Frank Herbert - 1965)
It's the nature of government, to build enduring institutions, structures that stay long after their purpose is over. If you pay people to help the poor, you have people who won't be paid if there aren't any poor, so they'll be sure to find some.

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