Exit Beatlejuice

Beatlejuice is out. Chiraq, or the people who run it, decided they had their diversity hire cred for the time being. Contenders for replacement are a white guy and a black man. Vallas is a garden-variety politician in Chiraq and thus corrupt. His promise to be 'tough on crime' will go about like Idi Amin, Jr. in New York City. They simply replace one inept and corrupt mayor with another. Vallas probably won't win the runoff though, as the number of votes that went to Beatlejuice will be enough for the black candidate who took second to win. It matters little to those out in the real world.

The most corrupt Attorney General in history (appropriate in the most corrupt presidency in history) was being grilled by Republican senators. His responses to questions about arresting preachers for legally protesting at abortion facilities with dozens of heavily armed FBI agents, engaging in surveillance of and dispensing propaganda about conservative Roman Catholics, and various other violations of civil rights were from a prepared list, like Buckwheat. And less convincing, it possible.

Garland, due to the Turtle McConnell's one act of sanity (not decency - that would be impossible), did not become a Supreme Court justice. He was already a mean and venal little man, and being deprived of that prize eats at his twisted soul day and night. Like Gollum, his precious was stolen from him and he can never think of anything else except revenge.

The cluelessness of the cabal: unless China will help Ukraine win their peace plan isn't credible. Low-level minions like Blinken know as little about the overall situation as the puppet masters do, but in different ways. Blinken, and probably the U.S. regime (the official parts anyway) don't know that the plan is for a continuous war for some time. Probably a minimum of ten years.

As the delamination continues, however, that may not be possible. At least no on the scale they envision.

Text in the pics:

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"How the hell'd I miss a hubbub?"

"Hell yeah, cop died in shootout with some pothead hippies this morning. Got our own Waco situation. 'Cept it was over 'fore anyone heard about it."

"Waco? Like Janet Reno brung in the Abrams tanks? Flame throwers on the babies?" says I.

"Nah, not like Waco. Maybe like the Ruby Ridge." "FBI snipers shootin' pregnant wimmin on the doorstep?" "Nah, hell. Just big government shit is all."

"The Feds?"

"No, the local."

"That ain't big government."

"Well you know. The dirty sons a bitches --"

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