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The lemming myth may be just that, but humans certainly commit mass suicide without ever realizing it. Indeed suicide looks like survival to them. The adoption by the masses of Microsoft products in the 1980s, following similar lemming-like behavior in the 1960s when IBM was regarded as the only safe choice by corporate sheep. The IBM effect was not as intense in part because there were plenty or non-conformists who actually investigated and analyzed before committing millions in investment in something that could cost the company even more. The costs of the Microsoft infection were an order of magnitude greater. If not more.

And the fact that it made an average scam artist into one of the richest men in the world, enabling him to wreak even more destruction as a part of the cabal, shows the danger of stupid people comprising such a large part of the population.

Germany has been in the lead among European nations, so things like this happen there first. The U.S. has of course been the leader, having the most resources, but Germany is the leader among the European flock. Others have even less to squander.

The cluelessness of the cabal is demonstrated regulary. When the original conflict occurred, one pundit described it as 'two bald men fighting over a comb'. And while Argentina is in better shape than the UK in the times to come, the UK is far worse off. Even in 1982 the Falklands were of no use to the UK. The same idiotic emotions that caused them to cling to a corner of Ireland were magnified here.

I wonder if Clayton Lindemuth, master of rural noir, followed this case. I guessed, when the jury came back in three hours, that it was the expected guilty verdict. True, the OJ jury took a little longer to find the murderer not guilty, but I guessed they just wanted another lunch on the taxpayer's dime. Or had to beat the one white member of the jury into submission. Figuratively speaking of course.

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"How the hell'd I miss a hubbub?"

"Hell yeah, cop died in shootout with some pothead hippies this morning. Got our own Waco situation. 'Cept it was over 'fore anyone heard about it."

"Waco? Like Janet Reno brung in the Abrams tanks? Flame throwers on the babies?" says I.

"Nah, not like Waco. Maybe like the Ruby Ridge." "FBI snipers shootin' pregnant wimmin on the doorstep?" "Nah, hell. Just big government shit is all."

"The Feds?"

"No, the local."

"That ain't big government."

"Well you know. The dirty sons a bitches --"

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