Chucky Schemer in a panic

Chucky Schemer normally reads his material (seemingly written by the same writers used for the presidential spoxidiot) with the same measure of control used by the latter. Today he seemed a little more emotional, going on-camera into his off-camera mode, as when he incited the assassination of Supreme Court justices. He was on camera then as well, but it was spontaneous rather than reading a prepared statement and the mask slipped. It doesn't slip often, but hardly anyone pays attention to a tool who if he hadn't gotten into politics would have done good to make it as a used car salesman.

The occasion was his reaction to the first installment of the Jan 6 expose by Tucker Carlson. It was as expected, and is being echoed throughout the alphabet news jungle. They are only reaching an already converted audience, to the reaction in governmemt and media is irrelevant.

What is relevant is the exposure to a wider audience, the same people who until recently only saw the Plandemic through their filter. I was a bit disappointed there was only a red ripple in November, but it may turn out the be for the best. The situation will continue to deteriorate for another two years, and Joetato already makes Jimmy Carter seem almost competent. The destruction will be considerable - whether the reaction is the same is anyone's guess. I certainly don't have one.

Theoretically, if a few repairs to the thoroughly corrupt election process can be corrected (poll monitoring, purging voter rolls, more vigilance, etc.) a presidential election reasonably close to accurate might be achieved. If so the Republican president would assume office in 2025 with considerable majorities in both houses. Vetos would not be a problem, since few if any would be necessary. As with Reagan, the entire first term would likely be consumed with stopping the bleeding. Most of the next term would be required for rolling back legislation of the previous Demoncrat regimes and enacting some new ones.

Some of the new ones might be needed to accomplish such projects as a Nuremberg 2.0 (not just in the medical industry but in other areas) but generally it should be possible to purge much of the rot.

The question then would be one of courage. Speaker McCarthy has demonstrated some, and release of the Jan 6 video is an example. If the 2024 elections give him the backup he needs, some healing might be possible.

 "You can see the concentration in the south," Harry said, "but they're all over. Some of the hospitals they own, others they have management contracts with. Consulting. Supplies purchasing. All the ways the money flows."


"Pretty much. But all nominally legal. And hard to prove, if anyone bothers to investigate. And the IRS is about the only one that can. I suppose the Justice Department could get in on it, maybe for Medicare fraud or something similar. And they generally only go after for-profits for that."

"So they go nonprofit, make it even harder to audit."

"Buddy of mine," Harry said, "worked in CID with me, older guy. He retired years before I did, moved to Florida. Spends most of his time on a houseboat he has there. Neighbor is a marine biologist. They talk a lot, fish together.

"Guy knows a lot about sharks, says in a feeding frenzy, sharks completely lose control of what little mind they have. Sensory overload. They'll eat anything that comes within range, including other sharks. Even parts of their own body that were ripped off by another shark."

"Sharks don't have much of a mind, do they?" Alex said. "What excuse do people have?"

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